Becoming a property investor involves one of the most exciting adventures of anyone who wants to be financially free. Not only is the process of buying a home exciting, but there are also plenty of rewards. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford to buy a home, but there are still some things that you can do now that you can buy a property later on. Here are ten of the top property moves you can make today:

If you’re looking to buy a property or rent an apartment, chances are you’ve already got a personal property manager in mind. The trouble is, most of the property managers have a small team to deal with and can only provide what services they can provide given how much time they have to perform all the tasks. And according to the latest research, the most common complaint of property managers is that the majority of homeowners are too “busy” to make regular visits to their properties to keep them in a good state of repair.

It has been said that you should buy a home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a garage, because it will be your most valuable asset. Likewise, you should buy a condo in a downtown area where you can walk to work, and invest the rest of your wealth in a private island in the Bahamas. We don’t necessarily agree with these statements, but they have some validity.

Location, settlement or relocation, real estate issues, good or bad, are the cornerstones of modern life and you need a solid foundation whether you are moving or staying, expanding or downsizing, or even changing offices. You may need the help of a confidant, for example. B. an architect to ensure that your real estate project goes smoothly from design to completion. Maybe you want to expand or renovate your home instead of moving. This way, your dream home becomes one that is already on your doorstep, and you increase the value of the property you already own. Perhaps you need help selling, buying or exchanging a home, or making your current home fit for you, whether it’s saving on bills or making your home more environmentally friendly.

Here are some ideas to help you get or stay in the game.

1. Flipper

You know you can save money by switching electricity suppliers, but you can’t stand the hassle and confusion? Why don’t you let do it for you?

Flipper scans the energy market for bargains, and when the best deal is found, it’s offered to you. Then they check the market every month – including deals you won’t find on some comparison sites – and give you a look when you can save.

You’ll only be referred if you find a new deal that saves you £50 or more a year, you won’t be referred to suppliers with a reputation for poor service, and you can also choose to be referred only to the main suppliers or to green electricity tariffs.

Pinball participants save an average of £385 a year on their energy bills when they first start pinballing.

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2. Architect of your house

Architect Your Home has been providing specific services for home improvement projects for 20 years and has helped more than 8,500 clients realize their dream of improving their homes.

Their collaborative approach means that your architect will work with you to develop your ideas, put them on paper, and create a roadmap for their implementation.

With their flexible approach, you can have them do the initial design drawings and obtain design and building permits, or they can be there throughout the project. The choice is yours. Most importantly, you get the level of information, drawings and support you need to make your project a success.

Your project represents a significant investment and they want to make sure you get the maximum value and a beautiful home in return.

Every renovation project deserves the intervention of the architect of your home.

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Hiring an architect is essential to creating the home of your dreams. But how do you find the right one? The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) makes it easy for you by offering a free online architect search service that includes over 3,700 RIBA accredited professionals and many inspiring project examples.

To use the service, you must create a service description for the project. Focus on what you want to achieve, not what can be built and your overall budget. After entering the data, the service selects a maximum of 15 architects with the necessary skills for the assignment. If they can accept the position, they will let you know within seven working days. Your information will remain confidential until you are ready to proceed.

All represented architects are certified professionals, which guarantees a high quality of service and safety.

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4. Baufritz

Baufritz, Downey House, Midgham, UK, 2019.

The housing industry is currently undergoing a change due to the rapid growth of prefabricated construction.

Baufritz, a pioneer in building ecological houses, is at the forefront of this movement.

The connection modules are manufactured before they are delivered to the building site for assembly. The building is erected in a few days through a sophisticated quality control process, resulting in a stable and well-designed house.

More than 85% of the house is built from natural materials, mainly wood from sustainable forests. Larch and spruce are ideal for home construction, as they have been used in alpine construction for thousands of years. Baufritz ensures that no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process to ensure a healthy home for the customer. Thanks to the triple glazing and HOIZ insulation, the highest energy efficiency class can be achieved.

Customers can choose their surfaces in the Baufritz sample centre, and the production process offers architects a wide range of design options.

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5. Architects Registration Board (ARB)

Close-up of architects working together on the project.

Architects are specifically designed to help you improve your home. Thanks to their extensive training, they have the experience and knowledge to assist you at every stage of your project – from design to completion.

Architects are also the only profession regulated by law in the field of the built environment. The Architects Registration Board (ARB) regulates architects in the UK, protects those who use or may use the services of architects, and helps enforce professional standards.

As part of its duties, the Council maintains a public register of the more than 42,000 architects in the UK. If someone is not registered as an architect, he is not an architect. Only those with the required skills and experience can be included in the register.
All architects must be adequately insured and adhere to the Architecture Code, which sets out the standards of conduct and practice expected of them.

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6. Oakley Residential

When people talk about retirement planning, the common theme is: What would make me happy? For clients of Oakleigh Residential Park Development, it’s exactly the same call.

By moving to the parking lot, people were able to lose their mortgages, free up capital, and get rid of the dangerous interior stairways. That is, they put the money in the bank and usually give their children lump sums so they can enjoy their inheritance instead of waiting until they are no longer around to pass it on with taxes.

Their homes are individual, fully landscaped, with private gardens and their own community of like-minded people. These are just some of the reasons why Oakleigh Residential Park in Essex has become so popular over the years.

The new houses have a full warranty and are furnished. Add to that an unparalleled, stress-free parts replacement program.

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7. UnderfootMat

Are you already thinking about a safer holiday when the restrictions are lifted? UnderTheDoormat helps you with that!

While the rest of the UK rushes to the coast for the holidays, you can enjoy a quieter summer in London. When the city is significantly less crowded, it’s the perfect time for you and your family to enjoy some of London’s many attractions at your leisure.

UnderTheDoormat is a luxury short-term rental, which means you get hotel quality in the comfort of your own home. The company offers perfect comfort, with a ten point hygiene guarantee and a worry-free guarantee that you will feel at home during your stay. From freshly folded towels and high-quality bedding to luxurious chocolates upon arrival and personalized check-in, UnderTheDoormat strives to ensure that every little detail is top-notch.

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8. Theme parks United Kingdom

Yarwell Mill Country Park is on the Cambridgeshire border and just 10-15 minutes from Peterborough. It is a perfect blend of a rural setting with unspoiled nature and the benefit of being close to amenities and shopping in the big city.

The park is situated on the banks of the River Nene and is surrounded on all sides by one of the most beautiful landscapes. It offers breathtaking views, perfect for spending the hours, or better yet, walking in nature. There are also lakes for fishing and a small cafe on site.

Yarwell Mill is designed for semi-retired and retired people over the age of 55 and offers brand new homes.

All properties are built to BS3632 British Standards for quality of design and construction, fully furnished and equipped with luxury finishes and features. They are virtually maintenance free and come with a ten-year Gold Shield warranty.

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9. Making movements

Making Moves understands the challenges that startup companies face, which is why we offer first-hand advice on how to make your office move as stress-free as possible.

The team has a fresh and new approach to the work and processes they carry out for each client, managing the whole process for you.

With real people representing your face in a very closed market, Making Moves charges no upfront fees and operates on a don’t find, don’t pay basis.

Unlike commercial estate agents in London, the team is not tied to the owners. This gives them the freedom to scour the entire office market to find the perfect property for your business. Their advice is always completely transparent and focused exclusively on you
and your needs. Their main goal is to simplify the process, which can be very complicated and full of technical jargon.

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For almost 30 years, PACK & SEND has offered much more than just postal services. It is the largest network of packaging and shipping specialists in the UK. They are highly experienced in safely transporting virtually any cargo to any corner of the world.

Their unique range of secure packaging options makes them particularly effective for transporting fragile and valuable goods, including art, sculpture, glass and ceramics, antiques and collectibles, personal computers, peripherals and data storage kits. They can also carry medical and laboratory equipment, vehicle parts and engineering equipment – or anything else that could be damaged in transit.

They understand the concerns of buyers and sellers when it comes to shipping unique and valuable items, and are so confident in the safety of their shipping services that they offer a warranty against loss and damage for everything they package, regardless of value.

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To see your company in the upcoming events we are hosting, please email [email protected] or [email protected] you’re looking at buying your first property, it can seem like a long, complex process. But it doesn’t need to be. It’s really just about making your mind up and letting your instinct guide you. No matter where you are on the ladder, there’s something for everyone in this list.. Read more about housing crisis ireland statistics and let us know what you think.

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