Electoral Committee (EC)

Michael Boado, education director of the Election Commission (EC), explained that the comparison of the results of Election Day 7 was not yet complete. He said that the elections would be held in three stages on 1 December, in contrast to the two-stage approach used in the previous elections.

Earlier, he said, the results were drawn up in the electoral offices and sent directly to the national office for final drafting and explanation.

However, in accordance with the existing arrangements, coordination with the regional offices will be carried out before contact is made with the national office.

Mr Boadoado explained that this new development will ensure that the number of results to be compared will be reduced if the election results are moved from one comparison centre to another.

For example, a driving 100 polling stations will compare the results of 100, but if it moves to a regional office, say Ashanti, with the largest number of liberations, it will compare the results of about 41 liberations, and finally, at the national level, only 16 regional results will be compared, he said.

Mr Boadoadou spoke about this during the EC training programme organised in Accra for the editorial staff of the Ghana News Agency (GAI).

The aim of the training is to provide DNA staff and journalists with the knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure a balanced distribution of elections.

He explained that the addition of the reconciliation process would not hamper transparency as representatives of the different political candidates would be present in each centre to monitor the process and copies of the results would be made available to them for publication in the centre.

Mr Boadoado said that the European Commission is conducting a national voter education and a TV and radio advertising campaign in preparation for the elections.

In his view, the role of election observers is simply to collect facts about elections and interpret them to determine whether or not the processes in question are transparent.

The EC has made the voting system so transparent that everyone can participate and have their own personal conversations. A media professional must first know the rules of the elections in order to beat them well, he said.

It stated that the allegations should not be used as facts and that the reports should also contain information showing that the EC has achieved good results.

Albert Kofi Owusu, the president of GNA, said the training was necessary because it would contribute to the professionalism of the agency’s election reporting.

Beatrice Asamani Savage, editor-in-chief of GNA, said it’s important for journalists to always rely on experts to provide them with the knowledge they need to improve their work.

She encouraged journalists to apply what they had learned to distinguish themselves from their colleagues on election day.

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