Alexia Andreadis is a YouTube star known for her channel Lexi A.N. She is also known for her fashion and travel blogs on YouTube.

Why is Alexia Andreadis famous?

  • it’s a British YouTuber
  • For his fashion and travel blogs.

Alexia Andreadis: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Alexia was born on the 3rd. February 1990, born in England. She’s 31 and she’s an Aquarius. Alexia grew up in Paris and then moved back to London. Alexia’s mother also has an Instagram account with the username hoppyjoe, but her real name is unknown. She no longer shares information about her family history or childhood. Alexia is a British citizen, but her ethnicity is unknown.

All about the career of Alexia Andreadis

She is best known for her personal style and her love of fashion and travel. She often shares her personal style, love for fashion, beauty blogs, travel and cooking videos with her fans through her YouTube channel. Alexia has a large number of subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also posted an instructional video on makeup inspired by Mila Kunis in 2012.

Signature : Alexa Andreadis and Jesse (Source: Blogloving)

One of the most watched videos on his channel is My Christian Louboutin Collection | SoTotallyVlog. Uploaded on June 7, 2013, it has accumulated 677,793 views. Her YouTube channel has over 148,000 subscribers and about 16 million viewers.

Other videos worth mentioning are About My Tattoos! | SoTotallyVlog, All About My Piercings! | What I got for Christmas, Our wedding day in East London in Mandarin Chinese 08/12/12 and My Christian Louboutin Collection – Part 2 | SoTotallyVlog.

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Alexia Andreadis: Equity (2021) and payroll

Her net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 to $1 million, which she earns from her YouTube videos and Instagram postings. Yet now she can live a luxurious life with her family.

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Is Alexia Andreadis married? Spouse, children, marriage

Alexia is married to a handsome man who is active on Instagram under the username (Petrolhead Ninja). Her real name has not been revealed, but she has mentioned the name Monkey Man several times in her Instagram posts.

They married on December 8, 2012 and had a son, Alexandros, who was born on the 4th. December 2017 was born. Couch loves animals and has adopted four dogs and a cat.

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Alexia Andreadis: Length, weight, colour of eyes

Alexia is 1.80 m tall and weighs about 1.80 kg. Their size is 34-26-34 inches each. And then some. Alexia has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has many tattoos on her body.

Signature : Alexia Andreadis (Source: Getty Image)

Is Alexia Andreadis active on social media?

It is active on Instagram with over 43.4K followers, over 13K followers on Twitter and over 3K followers on Facebook. Her YouTube channel Lexi A.N. has over 148,000 subscribers and her other YouTube channel AlexiaVlogs has over 6,14,000 subscribers.

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