Ellie Lottie

Ellie Lottie is an American from Los Angeles, California.

Ellie Lottie is known as the partner of Juice Wrld (American rapper, singer and composer).

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  • 1 Why is Ellie Lottie known?
  • Two Ellie Lotties: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity.
  • 3 Ellie Lottie: Professional career as an actor, theatre actor
  • Four Ellie Lotties: Net value (2020)
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Why is Ellie Lottie known?

  • Instagram of the American star
  • Partner of Juice Wrld

Ellie Lottie: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

Ellie Lottie was born on the 28th. Born May 1992 in Alabama. Her real name is Alicia L. Leon. Currently she has ties with Los Angeles, the city of dreams, where she lives as a social media specialist. She is an American citizen, while her ethnic background is a mixture of black and Puerto Rican. Through her Twitter account she told us that her father was black while her mother was Puerto Rican.

The name Ellie Lottie is just a nickname. Her Twitter page implied that the two names, Ellie and Lottie, were nicknames, not maiden names, with Lottie specifically named Juice Wrld. Some of her fans have confirmed that her identity is Alicia L.. Leon, while the Los Angeles Times mentioned her in a Juice Wrld Alexa press release.

Ellie Lottie: Career in directing, directing

Ally Lotti is an Instagram role model and a powerful man with over a million Instagram followers. Her Instagram account grew in popularity after she turned out to be the late rapper Juice WRLD.

Ellie Lottie Signature : Ellie Lottie (Source: Pinterest)

She also uses Instagram to advance her career as a role model. Since she started with Juice in 2018, she has spent most of her time with him and helped him on tour. She seems to have gone back to modelling as she recently promoted Fashionova’s design work on Instagram.

She entertains her fans by uploading photos such as cute people, professional photo shoots, photos with gentlemen, previews of various parties and much more.

Before the death of her boyfriend she regularly published her beautiful pictures on her site, and she kept doing so after her death.

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Ellie Lottie: Shareholders’ equity (2020)

Ellie Lottie’s net asset value is estimated at US$300,000, but additional information about her salary and income is being revised.

Ellie Lottie is married? Husband, children, marriage

Ellie, 27 years old, started a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Jared Anthony Higgins in early 2019. In Instagram Juice once wrote about his mistress and said that he had given up using the codeine painkiller because of Lottie.

Ellie Lottie Signature : Ellie Lottie (Source: Pinterest)

According to the source, she became a big fan after becoming a friend of Juice Wrld. The influence of Instagram never mentioned how he and Wrld first met.

However, she often uploads photos with him to his official account. Ellie Lottie was completely overwhelmed when she heard the news of the tragic death of her lover. At the moment Juice Wrld’s lover hasn’t mentioned Jarad Anthony’s death on social networks.

After being admitted to hospital the singer was declared dead, but the main cause of the attacks could not yet be determined.

She also had an affair with her friend Alexia in 2018.

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Ellie Lottie: Height, weight, colour of eyes

He is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 51 kg. Her size is 34-25-36 inches and her bra size is 32B. She also has brown eyes and brown hair.

Ellie Lottie Signature : Ellie Lottie (Source: Pinterest)


  • Favorite actor: Zach Efron.
  • The actress: Zendai.
  • A dream holiday destination: Greece.
  • Favorite color : Black.
  • I’d like to do this: Shops, photographs, listens to music, travels and watches Netflix.
  • Favorite food: Pizza, fried chicken, pasta and ice cream.

Ellie Lottie is active on social networking sites?

He’s an Instagram personality by profession. She has a tribe of over 1.5 million followers. It also has 247,000 followers.

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