Emma Hernan Raya is suing Ben Affleck and Warner Bros. for $15 million in damages, claiming they stole her idea to sell a book that tells the story of her life from an anonymous author. The tell-all promises readers will “learn about a dramatic love affair with Hollywood royalty” but also gives insight into how Emma survived as she climbed the ladder through today’s #MeToo movement, eventually becoming one of Hollywood’s most successful agents.

The “cast of selling sunset” is a movie that has been in production for a while. The cast includes Ben Affleck, Emma Hernan Raya, and Samuel L. Jackson. Recently, Emma Hernan Raya has come forward with claims that she was not given the same pay as her male co-star Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck Disputes “Selling Sunset” Star Emma Hernan Raya Claims

Ben Affleck It’s been two weeks since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez announced their engagement, and word on the street is that Ben joined Raya, a high-profile dating service, when they were still divorced. Anyway, it’s not the point; the point is that someone says he asked her out for coffee on the site multiple times. Continue reading to learn more about what occurred and how Ben dealt with the situation.

Emma Hernan was allegedly invited to coffee by Ben Affleck.

When Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause were chatting about a viral TikTok that went viral last year, the A-lister received a surprising mention. Ben was revealed in May of last year after sending an odd but humorous video to a lady on the high-profile dating app Raya who had unpaired him. Although it’s unclear when the video message was received, it certainly looks and sounds like him!

So, when Chrishell was reflecting on the iconic moment, Emma jumped in with a bombshell of her own: “He may or may not have been messaging me.” “He may or might not have asked for coffee a couple of times.” “I didn’t go,” she said.

Chrishell soon brought up Ben’s recent engagement to Jennifer Lopez, implying that Emma may have “foiled” Ben and Jennifer’s long-awaited reunion if they had met on the dating app.

“You had a chance to stop Bennifer!” “He was on the search,” Chrishell quipped, leading Emma to reveal that she and Ben had been conversing “just before” he and J.Lo rekindled their romance in July. “Right?” Chrishell’s question was answered by Emma. “It had happened just before that. As a result, it’s possible that wouldn’t have occurred. We have a link to Boston. So that was his first line of pickup.”

Ben Affleck – Corrects the Record

Ben isn’t interested in the rumors, having promptly verified via his spokesperson that Emma’s timetable couldn’t possible be correct since he hasn’t been on Raya in “years.”

“Raya has verified that he has not been an active member for many years,” his spokesman told People on Saturday, one day after the new Selling Sunset episodes were released on Netflix.

After a 19-year divorce, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently announced their engagement. Lopez announced the momentous news in a video.

Pete Davidson’s team advised him not to appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians https://t.co/ivdQBEpu9Y #InTheNews #KIMKARDASHIAN #KanyeWest pic.twitter.com/p91cK88TmQ

April 23, 2022 — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy)

“So I have a very exciting and amazing tale to tell,” Lopez stated in a video captioned “Major news!!!!” and directing viewers to onthejlo.com. “It’s my inner circle where I discuss my most personal stuff, and this one is absolutely about JLo,” she says.

The 52-year-old singer and actress informed her followers through her OnTheJLo email.

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