Even if you haven’t heard of Single Ladies and Crazy in Love, you’ve heard of Beyonce. When it comes to the best American singers, the name Beyonce doesn’t escape you.

Beyonce is an international star best known for her singing talent. She’s also an actress and interpreter. With 22 Grammy Awards and numerous nominations, she is one of the best singers of her time. In 2017 she was recognized as the most powerful woman in the entertainment industry. Beyonce is one of those artists who always impress you with their performance.

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Beyonce’s fortune is in a golden dress.

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Real name:

We’ve always known Beyoncé as simply as we knew Beyoncé. But her real name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. It’s a name that says it all.


Beyoncé may not have one, but she’s got a lot of nicknames. Some of his nicknames are Juju, Bee, Mothe and Sasha Fierce. But she’s best known as the queen bee.


Beyonce is a world famous singer, performer, dancer, producer and composer. She has also worked as an actress in several films. Beyonce is a multi-talented artist, you’ll understand.


She was born on the fourth. Born in September 1981. She’s 38 now, if you’re wondering how old Beyonce is. If you share your birthday with her, you’ll be lucky.

Place of birth:

She was born in Houston, Texas, USA.

Standard sign:

Born in September, she reigned under the sign of the Virgin Mary. That makes her a real perfectionist.


She was born and raised in the United States of America. That makes her an American by birth.

Ethnic accessories:

Beyonce’s father is African-American and his mother is African, Native American and French. This means Beyoncé has a mixed ethnic background.

Beyoncé Historical date:

Beauty Beyonce went out with a lot of men before they settled down and married Jay-Z.

Your first boyfriend was C. You were between six and nine years old, depending on where and with whom you talked before you broke up with Lindall Locke for infidelity. Later she was seen for a while with Mark Houston. There were also rumors that they were dating.

Then there was Yasin Bay and Justin Timberlake. Then there were more chance encounters with Queen B; she went out for a while with Sean Paul.

At least she’s got a job at Jay-Z. They met in 2002 and are still developing. They’re a happy couple now.

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beyoncé and j-z

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Parents, father:

Beyonce’s father’s name is Matthew Knowles, he was a sales manager at Xerox.


Tina Knowles, his mother, owned a barbershop.

Brothers and sisters:

Beyonce has a younger sister named Solange Piaget Knowles. Just like her sister, she is a singer, songwriter, performer and former Child of Destiny background singer. The two sisters are the first to have a number 1 album.

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Net price:

According to Forbes, Beyoncé’s net worth is colossal: $400 million, not to mention the fact that her net worth on the social networks she sends here is more than twice the $886 million she is proud of and that she is known as an international star all over the world. Your songs and albums are sold in almost all the countries you’ve mentioned.


Beyonce is a true Christian by birth.


Beyonce went to school at St. Mary’s. St. John’s. Mary Montessori in Houston, where she studied dance. She soon discovered her singing talent when she finished a song sung by her dance teacher Darlett Johnson. Even at a very young age she was able to achieve high marks just in time.

In 1990 she enrolled at Parker Elementary School, a music school in Houston. She was in the school choir. Then she went to the Higher School of Performing and Fine Arts and then to the Alifa-Elsik High School. She’s also been a member of the choir of the United Methodist Church of St. John’s, Newfoundland. John, where she performed as a soloist for two years.


Bea says her main influence and the reason she is who she is now is Michael Jackson, other influencers are Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Sade Hell, Donna Summer, Rachel Ferrell, Mary Jay. Closer, Anita Baker, Josephine Baker, Etta James, R&B since the 90s: the Jackson 5, Florence and the Car, Earth, Wind and Fire, Lionel Ritchie, New Edition, DeBarge, Adele, Oprah Winfrey, Florence and the Car, and finally Michelle Obama.

Future events:

At this moment there is no information about future tours, concerts or events of Beyonce due to the Crown virus.

Social Media Pages:

Beyonce is considered one of the most valuable celebrities on social networks. She’s on Instagram @beyonce. In your Instagram account you will find all your photos and photos of your personal life. If you’re a fan, you have to follow her to keep up.

It has over 140 million Instagram users. The number of positions is calculated on 1869. She’s very active on Instagram, so you’ll see regular messages from her. She mainly takes pictures with her family and friends.

Political positions:

She is one of the most politically deviant artists in the United States. She supported Hillary Clinton during the election, set up a show to raise money for the Obama campaign in 2012.


She considers herself a modern feminist, supports same-sex marriage and condemns police violence against blacks.

Famous friends:

Beyonce has a small group of friends. She chooses friends she can trust wisely. Her best friends are Kelly Rowland and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Kelly and Beyonce met when she lived in Houston. They’ve been getting very close ever since. Before Gwyneth and Beyonce they became great friends after meeting a lot of people at charity events in New York. She’s also very close to her sister Solange.

In short:

If you want to know about Beyonce, you need to know these things about her:

  1. Beyonce is allergic to perfume. However, she does have a perfume line.
  2. Her favorite ice cream is pecan butter.
  3. In 1995 his father left work to lead the group. This decision financially undermined their family and they had to live in separate apartments.
  4. Beyonce is the first artist to release her first six albums.
  5. For the first time she became famous as the singer of L’Enfant du Destin.
  6. She played a box-office role for Austin Powers in the movie Goldmember.
  7. Other films in which she played roles – Carmen – Pink Panther – Dreamgirls – Obsessed – Cadillac records, Epic, Returning Home – Battle Temptations – The Lion King.
  8. Some of the big hits of Queen B – Lonely ladies – Crazy for love – Little boy – Irreplaceable – Déjà vu – Beautiful liar – If I were a boy – Put a ring on his finger and this are just some of the hits.
  9. At the age of seven she won the talent show at school with the song Imagine John Lenon.

The first verse of Separation was violated by Beyoncé. She said she was very ashamed of the recording.

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Beyonce bright yellow

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Here is a summary of the highlights of Beyonce’s career:

  1. She became famous with the child of destiny.
  2. In 2001 she made her film debut in Austin Powers: Gold member.
  3. It has its own billboards and its own Grammy awards.
  4. She has a chance to play in the Super Bowl twice.

Beyonce is one of the greatest artists of all time. It became famous in the 2000s, but its popularity continues to grow. Their songs and performances are always a hit, and fans are eager to attend their events and concerts.

Beyonce-Net social network

The above data are official, but what is not calculated in their net value are the social network accounts. I calculated the value of the social network on this site

His Facebook page hives today as 397,511 trailers and 342,992 like, as his Facebook account operating costs of 5,417,475, ° ° ° °.

His Twitter account has 15.5 million followers, so his Twitter account at Beyonce is worth $38,750,000.

Your Instagram account now has 144 million followers, and it is estimated that any message it can cost advertisers between €230,000 and €680,000 will keep the ball rolling, even if every contribution of 100,000 or even millions can be collected and valued. Although, if she had placed ads all the time, she would have lost most of her followers – let’s say she places an ad every five days – she could charge $16,790,000 a year at a low price.  Since the online sites sell for about three times their annual profit, Instagram Beyonce would earn the full $50,370,000.

Unfortunately, I don’t find many civil servants there, not all of whom I think are Beyoncé.

Beyonce’s Youtube account has 20.3 million subscribers on other sites who have recalculated, let’s say a Youtube subscriber costs $0.676, making their Youtube channel worth $13,722,800.

Total net assets of Beyoncé

She has other accounts in social media, but these are the most important social networks, so we just count them now, but they add a huge $91,470,275, bringing Beyonce’s net worth to $446,470,275.

Additional information on the queen’s intrinsic value B.

Between 2016 and 2017 she earned 60 dollars, making her the highest paid celebrity in the world.

By 2016, the band will have raised $250 million on its world tour.

Bea and her husband made over a quarter of a billion dollars on this tour of The Run II.

In 2018, the buzz is expected to generate $3,000,000 under the Coachella title.

It is said to have signed a $60 million contract with Netflix for three projects.

Beyonce Gisele Knowles is also an investor/shareholder in her husband’s company Tidal, valued at $600 million.

In 2015, Beyonce ventured into a 22-day vegan lunch.

If you’ve ever heard of Ivy Park’s clothing line, you’ve already guessed it was another sashashop in the business world.

In the field of clothing, she also released a collection of the luxury brand Balmain.

A collection of Ivy Park x Adidas sneakers was also released in January.

She has a perfume called Beyoncé Heat, which she sold for about $400 million, although she is allergic to it.

Queen B. also supported other fragrances, the real star of Tommy Hilfiger and the advertising of the perfume of Giorgio Armani.

Pepsi awarded Miss B a $50 million contract in 2012.

She supported the Nintendo DS, American Express and L’Oréal for an unknown amount of money.

Forbes included her in the list of the richest independent women of 2019 and placed her in 51st place with the statement that she earned 81 million dollars in 2019.

She and her husband own an estate and a church in New Orleans, for which she paid $2.6 million.

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Net costs of bad guys.

Net worth of NLE-Choppa.

of Beyonce’s best singles per year.




Mad love

Combating temptation


Me, me and me



Naughty girl

Closer to.


The envy of a star



Déjà vu

Alarm system




Beautiful liar

Make me a Bodid

Green light

to end of time


If I was a boy

Women only (with ring)






Sweet dreams

Broken Heart Girl



Why don’t you love me?


Running to the world (girls)

The best I’ve ever had is.


Love at the Top



I Maintenance

End of the period



Drunk with love



Quite painful






Excuse me



All night


Perfect Duo



Girls with brown skin

Setting 4 Eva

Beyonce tweets

Here we go:

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