During the first half of the season, Tom and Sully will investigate the murder of a young girl, hopefully connecting it to other cases they have been working on. As they continue to put together these cases, it will be interesting to see where this new information takes them and whether or not they will be able to solve the cases and accurately finger the culprit. It will be so interesting to see if any (or all) of the “Blue Bloods” will be able to solve all these cases and go on to have a stellar season.

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Blue Bloods doesn’t just mean you’re missing your favorite crime series this summer.

In recent months, repeated rumors have suggested that season 11 would be an untimely farewell to the beloved series. And many fans fear Blue Bloods will disappear from the TV show in the fall.

But we have good news for fans of blue blood: Get ready to meet again at the Blue Bloods’ favorite table! CBS has just revealed the fall 2021 premiere dates for its flagship shows.

And yes, the blue-blooded believers: Your favorite program is on the renewal list! Are you ready to find out how the stars and fans reacted to the news of the premiere date? Read on to find out all about season 12!

Blue Bloods season 12 has a start date

Like the other major broadcasters, CBS usually waits until mid-summer to set launch dates for new and renewed shows.

As a result, Blue Bloods fans had to wait until today to know the fate of their favorite series. And here are the results (drum roll please): We will have to wait an unusually long time for the first one.

Although CBS has released similar series, such as NCIS, NCIS : Hawaii, FBI: Most Wanted and the FBI: The international premiere will take place in September, Blue Bloods will not debut until October 2021.

Deadline reports that Blue Bloods will be released in October, following two other dramas, one of which comes in a new slot.

Friday, 1. October, the first episode of season 12 of Blue Bloods is set after S.W.A.T.. (premiere season 5; new time slot) at 8:21 p.m. and Magnum P.I. (premiere season 4) at 9:10 p.m. For example, the start of season 12 of Blue Bloods will be placed in the 10-11 a.m. time slot.

Fans react to Blue Bloods Season 12 start date

The Blueblood Twitter account announced the happy news with a perfect photo and message.

We gather again around the dinner table! The new season of #BlueBloods will begin at 1. The BlueBloods series announced its premiere in October.

We gather again around the dinner table! The new season of #BlueBloods will begin at 1. Premiere in October. pic.twitter.com/AEGgWkUjLL

– Blue Bloods (@BlueBloods_CBS) 12. July 2021

And fans responded delightedly, with hundreds of retweets, likes and comments.

One of the most common reactions: Audiences want their favorite characters to take center stage.

No more Joe!!! One Blue Bloods fan reacted to the news. Less interference from Eddie when Jamie is trying to do his job. Lucky for Erin.

The stars of Blauw Bloed give their opinion on the premiere date Psyche!

Actress Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan in Blue Bloods, has yet to say whether her character deserves a better chance in season 12 (we think she does!). But Moynahan responded on Twitter to the excitement over the premiere date.

Who’s ready for season 12 of @BlueBloods_CBS! pic.twitter.com/VcB7a83sBy

– Bridget Moynahan (@bridgetmoynahan) 13. July 2021

Who’s ready for season 12 of Blue Bloods on CBS, the actress wrote on Twitter.

With 2,000 likes in response, we think Bridgette got the reaction she deserved!

And just like the main announcement on the Blue Bloods Twitter account, Moynahan has received suggestions for possible storylines for her character Erin.

I hope Erin finally finds romance in season 12!

Season 5 of S.W.A.T. begins with a bang at CBShttps://t.co/pXK7Y9dJUE.

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 14. July 2021

Another fan tweeted about a possible plot twist.

Jamie and Eddie could make an aunt of you, suggested a Blue Bloods viewer.

Bridget also received a response from another Blue Blood actor.

Stephen Shirripa (Detective Anthony Abetemarco in the Blue Bloods series) expressed his own troubled feelings.

I’m !!!!!! https://t.co/bXUEut1KSL

– Steven Schirripa (@StevenSchirripa) 13. July 2021

So will Erin find a happy romance in season 12? Will Jamie (played by Will Estes) become a proud parent in future episodes?

Find all spoilers and news from season 12 of Blue Bloods on our website!

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