Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock – Filipino YouTuber, social media personality and vlogger from the Philippines. Originally she uploads make-up pirates to her own YouTube channel. In fact, Rock is also a young entrepreneur.

Why is Bretman Rock famous?

  • He is a Filipino YouTuber, a social media personality and a lumberjack.
  • For her makeup.

Bretman Rock: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, ethnicity

Bretman Sakayanan was killed on the 31st. July 1998, born in the Philippines. His name is a great combination of Bret Hart and rock wrestlers. Besides, Bretman Rock is 20 years old. However, his parents were separated from his childhood. He grew up with his sister, Princess May, and his mother in Hawaii, USA.

The two have a strong bond between them. Although Brett’s mother’s name is unknown. He spends many flattering moments with his sister. Meanwhile, The Rock was partying on the 27th. Let his birthday be celebrated.

In fact, the Sakayan is a multiracial (Portuguese-Philippine) Filipino citizen. Mai’s daughter Cleo, born in 2016. So Rock is close to his little niece. Cleo even made her YouTube debut with her uncle.


He went to Campbell High School for early education.

Did you know about this?

  • How big is Bretman Rock? He’s six feet tall.
  • Is Bretman Rock active on Instagram? It has about 15.2 million Instagram users.
  • What’s Bretman Rock’s net worth? It has a net value of about $500,000.

All about the career of Bretman Rock

Bret, with his impeccable make-up and eye contour, is a big hit with his fans, but let’s dig a little deeper, because he has just discovered his talent in all its glory and humour. Bretman Rock grew up around many women who normally weren’t obsessed with beauty, but who were somehow exposed to beauty and charm from an early age. A few years later, when he discovered YouTube, Bret was inspired by the great, albeit carcinogenic Talia Joy on YouTube and decided to go out into the world with full face make-up.

Bretman Rock Signed: Bretman Rock (source: Insider)

When he got some kind of hatred, Bret realized that this is what motivates him – under the hatred. His next step was to embrace social media and encourage everyone to accept their uniqueness, no matter what hate speech or thought-makers say or think. Come in, a 6-second Vine video application that changed her life for the better! His videos like me Prada, you’re nothing, and when I arrive in class, I get a lot of praise for his sharp humour, which certainly distinguishes him from the rest. Not only Vine but also her Snapchat videos found great love and left her in the spotlight thanks to her sense of humor.

Mei and Bretman have made some interesting videos on YouTube. They’re also becoming popular with their twin flies. His fans on his Instagram pen number 11 million. On the other hand, 5 million people signed up for his channel. She’s now a social media sensation.

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Bretman Rock: Shareholders’ equity (2020)

His net assets are estimated at about $500,000 and his salary is about $30,000 to $55,000.

Bretman Rock married? Wife, children, marriage

The 21st. November 2017 Bretman shares shocking information about his sexuality. Actually, he confirms he’s gay.

Bretman Rock Signed: Bretman Rock (Source: Popsugar)

Bretman showed a photo to a man on Valentine’s Day 2018. Actually, he didn’t share a man’s name. At the beginning of 2019 he makes a confusing statement on Instagram about his status in the relationship.

Most of his fans started asking him if he was single. Rock’s profile on Instagram soon confirmed he was single. He’s already divorced from his mysterious partner.

He has uploaded another photo for Valentine’s Day 2019. The image of the man is blurred under the title No Name, No Case. Meanwhile, The Rock doesn’t show his private life publicly.

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  • Favorite celebrity actor: Tom Hanks.
  • The actress: Meryl Stripe.
  • A dream holiday destination: Italy.
  • Favorite color : It’s blue.
  • I’d like to do this: Travel, make-up, shopping, photography and textbook production.
  • Favourite dishes : Italian food.

Bretman Rock: Height, weight, colour of eyes

He is 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs 70 kg. He also has black hair and black eyes.

Bretman Rock Signed: Bretman skirt (Source: Nylon)

Is Bretman Rock active in social media?

It has about 5.3 million followers on Twitter, about 2.7 million followers on Facebook and about 15.2 million followers on Instagram.

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