Brett Rymer is a successful American businessman, entrepreneur and reality TV star. He’s the main character on the reality show Animal Planet. It is also known for its net worth.
Birthdate and age of Brett Rymer : Brett Rymer was born on the 25th. October 1969 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, and is 51 years old.

Brett RymerTraining Details

Brett went to Abraham Lincoln High School. He then attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Brett Reimer body measurements

  • The height: Brett is six feet tall.
  • Weight: Brett weighs 85 pounds.

Brett Rymer’s famous loans

Gay ATM, Gay Tank, Gay Aquarium,

Brett Rymer’s interest in sports

Brett was also very interested in sports. In high school he played tennis, soccer, volleyball and swimming. He was a well-known athlete at his school. He is always playing with the kids and spending time with them.

Brett’s brothers and sisters: Brett has a sister, Heather, who is a shareholder in ATM and the wife of King Wade.

Brett Reimer Career data

Brett, along with his best friend and trusted brother, Wayde King, started his first business, an acrylic tank (ATM) manufacturing company in Las Vegas. Your company’s motto: If you can dream it, we will. Your company is in the business of aquariums and fish tanks. Brett Raymer is the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Wayde is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Heater is the company’s auditor. ATM produces hundreds of different tankers with the most modern design worldwide. ATM is currently one of the leading aquarium companies in the world. ATM organises more than 200 projects per year.

After the popularity of Brett’s vending machine, the producer of Animal Planet offered him a new reality show, Tanked. Brett accepted the offer. The reality show began its journey on the 7th. Brett and his company started the float on August 14, 2011. In this show, the board of directors and the company work in an amazing way. They are building a real reservoir of new ideas and technologies for their high-end clients. The series became a super hit and ended its 20 successful episodes.

Brett also launched his YouTube Lifestyle of the Fish and Famous channel. Brett Raymer has millions of followers on his network.

Brett Rymer’s Doughnut Mania

In 2017, Brett opened his own business, the Donut Mania restaurant. Four branches of the restaurant are located in Vegas, and Trisa is her partner in the food business. The Donut Mania has become one of the most popular restaurants, mainly because of the delicious donuts in Vegas.

Marriage of Brett Rymer to Melissa Bradford

Brett Rymer is married to Melissa Bradford, but the marriage is going nowhere and ends in divorce. Melissa was also involved in Brett’s business. She participated in the management of the ATM.

Brett Rymer Kids

Brett has a son Bryce and a daughter Kayla. After he broke up with Melissa, Brett took custody of both her children. Brett leads a very happy life with his children and his fiancée Triza Mary.

Brett Rymer’s relationship with the Triza Marie

After his divorce from Melissa, Brett has been in a loving relationship with Triza Marie since 2011. The romantic couple leads a very happy life with their children. They enjoy every moment of their lives.

Brett Reimer Net cost

Brett turns out to be a successful tanker and restaurant entrepreneur and a reality TV star whose wealth is growing by the day. Brett’s net worth in 2019 is $5 million. His company’s ATM is a major source of growth for his wealth, but the TV show Tanked also contributes to his income.

Brett Rymer’s Presence in Social Media

Brett is a very active and popular person on social media. It has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram with millions of followers. Trisa is also very active on social media and they often share their family photos.

Brett Reimer Car and Home

Brett lives in a luxurious Tuscan-style mansion in northwest Las Vegas, with 12,099 square feet and a 60-foot pool. Brett’s kitchen, with its 700-gallon aquarium, housed 25 different marine animals, including angelfish, triggerfish and blowfish, before Brett lived in his Nevada home near Lone Mountain.

There is no information about Brett’s car, but it will be updated once the information is uploaded by Brett on social media.

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