Buffalo Springfield was an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1964. The group consisted of Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay and Dewey Martin.

The Buffalo Springfield Biography, Songs, & Albums is a biography of the band Buffalo Springfield. They are considered to be one of the most influential bands in rock music history.

Buffalo Springfield Again Buffalo Springfield had a brief existence (they founded in 1966 and disbanded in 1968), but its impact was enormous. After founding members Richie Furay, Stephen Stills, and Neil Young went on to fame on their own or with groups like Poco and Manassas, some of their legend was cultivated over the years, but much of it rested on “For What It’s Worth,” a protest song written and sung by Stills that not only became their Top Ten breakthrough in 1967 but also became their enduring anthem, eventually serving as the band’s anthem. “For What It’s Worth” was so successful that it threatened to overshadow the importance of Buffalo Springfield’s first three albums in altering the sound of rock & roll in the late 1960s. Buffalo Springfield, a folk-rock band by name, also dabbled with country-rock, psychedelic, soul, and hard rock, all while embracing the potential of Los Angeles’ recording facilities. Springfield, New York Again, their 1967 masterpiece highlighted the group’s broad musical range, and although that musicianship didn’t result in singles (they never reached the Top 40 again after “For What It’s Worth”), it did lay the foundation for many elements of 1970s album rock.

The Company, a satellite group of the folk revue the Au Go-Go Singers starring Stephen Stills, opened for Neil Young’s rock & roll combination the Squires in Thunder Bay, Ontario. After the tour finished, Stills relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he started working as a studio musician. He became friends with producer Barry Friedman, who pushed him to form his own band. Stills enlisted Richie Furay, with whom he had previously worked in the Au Go-Go Singers, and the three of them, along with Friedman, were driving down Sunset when they came upon a hearse they thought belonged to Young. Yes, it did.

Neil Young relocated to Los Angeles with Bruce Palmer, who was a member of the Mynah Birds, a band that included future funk-rocker Rick James as lead vocalist. After that group disbanded, the two went to try their luck in California, where they struggled until they met Stills and Furay. Dewey Martin, who had previously performed with garage rockers the Standells and progressive country pioneers the Dillards, joined the band as their drummer soon after. Buffalo Springfield took their name from a steamroller business and made their debut at the Troubadour on April 11, 1966, after just a week of rehearsals, followed by a six-week engagement at the Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip a month later. During this time, new managers Charlie Greene and Brian Stone, who had previously worked with Sonny & Cher, helped win a deal with Atco, an Atlantic Records subsidiary.

Buffalo Springfield’s debut song, “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing,” was released by Atco in August 1966, although it only received radio in Los Angeles. With their next song, “For What It’s Worth,” that wasn’t the case. Stills wrote the song after seeing a disturbance on the Sunset Strip, and the band immediately recorded and published it as a single, which soon traveled throughout the United States. In March 1967, “For What It’s Worth” reached the Billboard Top Ten, prompting Atco to rework the group’s self-titled debut, which had been released at the tail end of 1966, so that their song could be included.

Despite this run of good fortune, everything was not well in Buffalo Springfield. Bruce Palmer was deported from the United States after being busted for marijuana in January 1967. As they tried to record a second album, tentatively titled Stampede, the band went through a series of bassists. This album was never released. Tensions within the band started to grow, especially between Stills and Young, resulting to Neil’s departure in the summer of 1967; Doug Hastings played guitar in his place, with David Crosby of the Byrds filling in when Buffalo Springfield performed at the Monterey Pop Festival. During Young’s sabbatical, Palmer returned, and the band reformed in the autumn of 1967. After firing managers Greene and Stone, the band finished their second album, Buffalo Springfield Again, which was officially produced by Ahmet Ertegun but had each singer/songwriter directing his own cuts, including Richie Furay, who contributed original songs for the first time.

Last Time Around During the Buffalo Springfield support tour Palmer was jailed for drugs and deported once again, prompting Jim Messina to take over as the band’s bassist. Messina also served as producer for the sessions that resulted in Last Time Around, their farewell album released in the summer of 1968. Buffalo Springfield split a few months before the album’s release, thanks to Ertegun’s mediation, which resulted in Young signing with Warner and Stills keeping his Atlantic contract. After finishing Last Time Around, Furay and Messina created Poco with singer/songwriter Rusty Young. Dewey Martin tried to revive the brand by forming New Buffalo Springfield, a band that went through many lineup changes until Martin was dismissed in 1969 and the surviving members formed Blue Mountain Eagle.

Although Buffalo Springfield dissolved in 1968, its alumni became celebrities in the 1970s, with Stills and Young finding success as solo artists as well as as members of a group that included David Crosby and Graham Nash. Before embarking on a solo career, Furay recorded six albums with Poco. After leaving Poco after their third album, Messina formed a duet with Kenny Loggins. Bruce Palmer recorded one album in 1971 and then faded from view for the rest of the decade, reappearing in 1982 as a member of Neil Young’s touring band. Palmer’s musical activities was revived as a result of this performance, and he formed Buffalo Springfield Revisited in 1984, soon adding Dewey Martin to the lineup. Stills and Young not only approved of Buffalo Springfield Revisited, but they also considered reforming the original lineup in 1986, but those plans broke apart after just two rehearsals. The Revisited band gradually came to an end towards the end of the decade.

Silver & Gold Young started making rumblings about reforming Buffalo Springfield in the early twenty-first century, even composing a song named “Buffalo Springfield Again” for his 2000 album Silver & Gold. Young put together a full Buffalo Springfield box set named Buffalo Springfield not long after. Young’s focus shifted away from Buffalo Springfield quickly. Palmer died in 2004 and Martin in 2009, and in the aftermath of their deaths, Young, Stills, and Furay performed a reunion performance in October 2010 as part of the annual Bridge School Benefit concerts. This prompted the trio to enlist the help of drummer Joe Vitale and bassist Rick Rosas as a rhythm section and go on a mini-tour in 2011, culminating in a performance at the Bonnaroo festival that year. When Young shifted his focus to Crazy Horse, further preparations for a tour were shelved, and Buffalo Springfield fell into hibernation in 2012. The group’s history was resurrected in 2018, when they published What’s That Sound? Complete Albums Collection, a five-disc collection featuring Young-approved remasters of their three albums’ mono and stereo mixes.

Buffalo Springfield was an American-Canadian rock band formed in 1967. The group consisted of Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Dewey Martin and Bruce Palmer. They are best known for their hit singles For What It’s Worth and Mr. Soul. Reference: buffalo springfield singer.

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