Calboy is a rapper, singer and songwriter who has released three studio albums. His latest album, “The Blue Album” came out in 2017.

Calboy is a singer and songwriter who has released five albums. He has collaborated with artists such as King Von, who he had a relationship with.

Long Live the Kings Calboy, a Chicago rapper, drew inspiration for some of his most powerful lyrics from his personal battles with mental illness and drug addiction. His tracks loom heavy with gloomy melodies and powerful trap rhythms, to the point of naming one of his mixtapes Anxiety. Several songs, such as “Can’t Tell,” opened the path for new admirers, but it was the 2018 single “Envy Me,” with its viral video, that broke through to millions. Calboy’s fame increased in the following years, due to mixtapes like Wildboy and the 2020 EP Long Live the Kings.

Calvin Woods, better known as Calboy, was born in the year 1999. He grew up in the rough Calumet City area of South Chicago, surrounded by crime and violence. Early on, his music was influenced by this hostile atmosphere, with songs expressing both the harsh circumstances of street life and the fear and despair he felt as a result. He established the Paper Gang, a group of artists and friends, and began working on music both alone and alongside them. His debut mixtape, The Chosen One, was released in 2017 and was followed by a second, Anxiety, a few months later. Calboy the Wild Boy, a ten-song mixtape published in 2018, was released via Paper Gang. Calboy released the song “Envy Me” in September of 2018 while working on his next album. The song became viral quickly, with millions of people listening to it within the first few months of its release. Calboy’s song, as well as its position in a growing genre of melodic rap coming out of Chicago, generated enough attention to earn him a major-label contract with RCA. The Wildboy mixtape, released in 2019, was built around the song and included Lil Durk, Young Thug, Polo G, and others. Calboy ended the year with “Purpose,” a collaboration with G Herbo, and began 2020 with the February EP Long Live the Kings. The project saw the rapper continue to refine his melody-driven approach, with further appearances from Lil Baby and Lil Tjay. In early 2021, a number of songs were released, including the Lil Wayne duet “Miseducation.”

The calboy long live the kings is a song that was released by Calboy in 2017. It has been viewed over 3 million times on YouTube.

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