Carlos Baute is a Spanish singer, songwriter and actor. He was born in Madrid on March 13th 1981, to Carlos Sr., who owned the family business of manufacturing cigarettes for smokers abroad, and Amparo Baute Pérez-Gómez de Aguirre, an expert in education. His career started when he won the TV show Eurovisión 2001 with his rendition of “Amar peligrosamente” (“I love you dangerously”).

Carlos Baute is a Spanish singer and actor. He has released three albums, “Almas de verano” (2008), “Lagrimas y cenizas” (2010) and “Sueños de libertad” (2013). Carlos Baute has also released two singles: “La vida es un sueño” and “Yo soy el amor”.

Carlos Baute, a Venezuelan singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer, began his career in popular music after joining a local band named los Chamos. His acting debut was in the Latin soap opera Destino de Mujer, where he played a part. Carlos Roberto Baute Jiménez signed with a big label in 1994 and released Orgenes I, an Afro-Caribbean album. Orgenes II, a follow-up album released in 1997, included the smash song “Te Quise Olvidar.” Carlos Baute became a top-selling musician in Venezuela and Spain with the success of his albums Yo Nac para Quererte and Dame de Eso, which featured the Latin pop song “El Angelito.” Peligroso was published in 2004 by Baute, first as a digital download but then on CD in North America in 2007. This followed 2005’s Baute and was followed by Warner Music’s De Mi Puo y Letra (2008), which reached number two in the Spanish charts. Baute’s debut live album, Directo En Tus Manos, was released in 2009, and Amarte Bien, released in 2010, was a studio smash that included some of the finest instances of the singer’s upbeat, uplifting songs.

Carlos Baute is a Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and actor. He has released 3 albums, “Cumbia” in 2008, “Los hijos del cielo” in 2009 and “Soy el primero” in 2011. Reference: carlos baute hijos.

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