For celebrities, comfort is of the utmost importance. Let’s see who has a private plane and who doesn’t even fly business class.

First place was taken by Celine Dion with her Bombardier BD-700 Global Express aircraft, which cost approximately $50,400,000 when purchased in the United States. The year of foundation is 1991.


Celine Dion, Bombardier BD-700 Global Express,

The most important feature is that it can stay in the air for 5000 km without refuelling. Other features include a leather interior, unique furniture; mechanical features include highly qualified aircraft maintenance and advanced engines. A maximum of 10 passengers can travel at the same time. The country where it was manufactured is Canada.

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Second place is taken by Stephen Spielberg, whose personal transportation – the Boeing Business Jet 757, with a price tag of $ 50 million, as in most cases the cost on demand. This rule is common in a company.

Stephen Spielberg, Boeing Business Jet 757.

Stephen Spielberg, Boeing Business Jet 757.

The main feature is that it is 25% faster uphill, so it has an economic side, because the smaller the patrol, the more it is used. It’s also environmentally friendly. The number of passengers it can accept is 43. The ventilation works well when it is produced or improved.

In third place in our ranking is Jim Carrey – a great comedy actor who bought a private jet in 2001. The name – Gulfstream V, its value is almost $43,000,000 if you buy it in the United States.

Jim Carrie Gulfstream V.

Jim Carrie Gulfstream V.

This car was created in 1998, allowing it to make more than 10,000 flights without recharging. The number of guests that will take place is 18. Inside there is designer furniture to build the living room and bedroom, the whole room is cleverly organized, so be very elegant.

Fourth place goes to the Jay-Z airplane, which the singer received as a gift from her beloved wife on Father’s Day and of which you are now very proud. The company that produced it is The Bombardier, Challenger 850 Learjet model.

Jay-Z Challenger 850 Learjet

Jay-Z Challenger 850 Learjet

The total amount payable for the car is $40,000,000. But for Beyoncé, whose income increases rapidly with popularity, it was no problem. It includes a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and several bathrooms. The engines of this model are subjected to the largest number of tests, as it is one of the latest developed models. The purpose of the authors is something like Don’t think it’s better to stay underground.

In the end, fifth place went to John Travolta and his Boeing 707 employees.

John Travolta, Boeing 707.

John Travolta, Boeing 707.

Despite other celebrities who prefer to hire pilots for special occasions when they need an airplane, the singer can drive himself. John even has two airstrips back home in Florida. Four engines ensure a fast and light flight along the way. The model is not new, but it has some improved technical aspects that meet the demands of modern life. The price at which it can be bought in the United States is $700,000. So he’s in fifth place of our ranking.

In summary, private jets are the best indicator of the wealth and social status of the person receiving them. For the time being everything is like this, but maybe after a while the planes will be distributed as the cars are now.

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