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One of the most common problems people have today is that their hair falls out year after year. Baldness is a nightmare, and many bald people consider it one of their greatest uncertainties. Baldness is seen by some as a sign of poverty and bad genes, but when you consider that even the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, is bald, it is a counterargument.

It is a problem that affects not only the common man, but also many celebrities and millionaires who also suffer from hair loss and go bald every day.

Prince William


Prince Williams is the Duke of Cambridge, a member of the British royal family and is considered one of the richest members of the elite of British society. Even with the wealth and power he has, she goes the other way. Numerous photos of her bald hair have appeared on the internet.

Joe Smash


Joe is an incredible actor, especially known for his role in EastEnders. He’s only 38 years old and the loss of his hair haunts him. He said baldness could affect his film roles and he underwent a hair transplant at the Birmingham clinic. The operation gave him back his confidence and he admitted that he had to look good for the screen.

Bruce Willis


Bruce is one of the most talented actors in the Hollywood industry and has directed many great movies, including Die Hard. He used to brag about having beautiful hair in his early days as an actor, but today he suffers from baldness, which contributes to his beauty.

Matthew McConaughey


Everyone knows and loves him, his playing style and personality sets him apart from his peers. Yet Matthew’s hair loss attracted a lot of media attention at the time. Her hairline, which shrinks slowly, let her benefit from the treatment at a young age, but over time her hairline began to shrink again.

John Gosselin

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He is one of the most esteemed American actors in the comedy genre. John got a lot of love for his role in the TV series Kate plus 8. The character of a father who has won the love of thousands of Americans becomes bald, and some of the recent photographs are shocking.

Gordon Ramsay


Ramsey is one of the most popular chefs, not only in the UK but also worldwide. It turned out that even the host of the coolest cooking show had hair problems and had undergone a follicular unit extraction procedure. He was seen with a black surgical cap on his head because he had an allergic reaction to the treatment.

Louis Walsh

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Judge X Factor and British talent, worshipped by millions of reality TV fans around the world, recently underwent a £30,000 hair transplant. Walsh said he wanted to fix the dilution on the top of his hair.

Mel Gibson

Another talented actor on the list, Mel Gibson, known for his amazing movies including Mad Max, is another who suffers from hair loss.

Young Mel Gibson was one of the most beautiful actors of the time, and today, receding hair adds its own touch to this image. There were rumors that Gibson had had a hair transplant seven years ago, but it turns out he’s still bald.

Wayne Rooney

Anyone who loves football knows Wayne Rooney. He’s a Manchester United legend. Rooney attracted attention when he underwent a hair transplant in 2011, at the age of 25.

Jewish law


Jude Law, known from the TV series Sherlock Holmes, suffers from hair loss. In a recent interview Lowe talks about his golden boy image and says he’s not worried about hair loss. In many films his hair accentuates his playing style.

Chris Martin

The beloved pop star, a member of the world famous band Coldplay, suffered the horror of hair loss. Martin has made a statement in the past saying his hair fell out.

Many claim that Martin underwent a hair transplant after a photo turned up in 2019.

Bryan Cranston

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Walter White, the most popular chemistry teacher. Cranston, best known for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad, has won the hearts of millions of people. Baldness is what makes him unique, and Cranston himself said he was proud of his baldness.

Matt Damon


Matt is a famous American actor who has been praised for his role in The Martian. They suffer from hair loss and are just as proud of it as Cranston. Matt doesn’t want a hair transplant and only cuts his hair for styling.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig hair loss.

Mr. Bond himself, known for his role in the James Bond movies, is another actor suffering from hair loss. By keeping most of his hair strong and healthy, Craig was able to hide his thin, receding hairline by keeping his hair clean and short.

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