Crywolf is an Afro-Celtic band that was formed in the summer of 2016 by Colm O’Carroll, a native of Ireland and son to Irish Travellers. The band has released three albums since its formation; their latest
is titled “Dance With Me”. Crywolf’s unique sound combines traditional Celtic sounds with new age African rhythms, creating something entirely different from anything else you’ve heard before.

Crywolf is a singer and songwriter with a unique style. He has released his first album, “Crywolf”, in 2010. The album was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Crywolf has also been nominated for two Latin Grammy Awards and one MTV Music Video Award for his single “Bury Me In My Flame”.

Biography of the Artist

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Ghosts Crywolf (born Justin Taylor Phillips) began making dubstep remixes and refining his talents in 2012, just as the genre was gaining popularity in the United States. The Raleigh native grew up in a musical household, traveling from North Carolina to Hong Kong and then to New York for college, where he majored in finance. Despite the fact that music began as a pastime for him, he ultimately dropped out of school to pursue it full-time. Phillips’ sound evolved as the EDM industry became bloated with phoned-in beats and mindless hedonism, preferring for genuine creative expression and emotional connection over huge drops. His early EPs, Ghosts (2013) and Angels (2014), had huge rhythms and pop-EDM embellishments, but they were encased in a cocoon of atmospherics and introspective lyrics that marked him apart. Runaway, a split EP with Canadian electronic artist Ianborg released in 2014, was the first taste of his ultimate development (and the Remixes collection the following year). In 2015, he released two more albums on his Okami label: Dysphoria, an ambient trip, and Cataclasm, a rich, sweeping album recorded in Iceland.

Crywolf is a singer and songwriter from London, United Kingdom. He has released two albums, “The Crying Game” in 2008 and “Songs From The Crying Game” in 2009. His third album, “Love & War”, was released on 26 February 2011. Reference: crywolf net worth.

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