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Daniel Thrasher is an American YouTube actor. He is known for his hilarious sketches, especially on the piano, but sometimes also at middle age. As an actor he appeared as Daniel in the web series Millionaires.

Why is Daniel Thrasher famous?

  • is an American youtuber and actor
  • For his hilarious sketches, usually on the piano….

Daniel Thrasher: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, ethnicity

Daniel Thrasher was born on the 24th. February 1993, born in the United States. He is 27 years old and starts in 2020. He didn’t say anything about his parents, brothers and sisters or his childhood. Daniel is an American citizen, but his ethnicity is unknown.


He visited the Pinellas Country Center for the Arts and Savannah College of Art and Design.

Did you know that?
  • How old is Daniel Thrasher? He is 27 years old and starts in 2020.
  • How much is Daniel Thrasher worth? Its net value is estimated at 200,000 to 2 million dollars.
  • Is Daniel Thrasher active on Instagram? It’s got about 138,000 followers on Instagram.

All about the career of Daniel Thrasher

Daniel Thrasher is a successful American star on YouTube. YouTuber and actor is best known for his eponymous YouTube channel, where he enthusiastically follows his many music videos and comedy sketches.

He started his YouTube channel on the 6th. January 2007. The main content consists of comic sketches and music videos on the channel. It’s one of the famous clips I’ve written, The Office, which has been watched over three million times.

Daniel Thrasher | Bio, Age, Wiki, YouTube, Movies, Net Worth, Height | Subtitles: Daniel Thrasher (Source: Soundcloud)

Just like his other famous videos: When you learn a riff and put it into everything, When you accidentally write songs that already exist, When you hit a dead key at middle age (ft. RoomieOfficial), When you hit a salamander at middle age, When any pianist hits an elitist, When a noob hits a piano, When you don’t know everything, When you use too many pedals, When your groove gets noisy, etcetera.

It has also been sponsored by companies such as Raycon for its headphones and Squarespace for its easy-to-build websites. Flowkey and Can I play Mozart with Long Nails are about him trying to play Rondo Alla Turk Mozart with long nails.

His necklace was originally called muffinman3000, but was later changed into Daniel Thrasher.

In addition to being a singer and actor, he is also trained as a pianist. As an actor he played the role of Daniel in the comedy web series Millionaires.

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Daniel Thrasher: Shareholders’ equity

His net worth is estimated at between $200,000 and $2 million, but more details about his salary and income are not available.

Daniel Thrasher | Bio, Age, Wiki, YouTube, Movies, Net Worth, Height | Subtitles: Daniel Thrasher (Source: Langvale Deech)

Is Daniel Thrasher married? Wife, children, marriage

Daniel may be living his life alone right now. He hasn’t had a relationship so far. He’s probably focused on his career right now.

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Daniel Thrasher: Height, weight, colour of eyes

He is 5 foot 6 inches long and weighs 62 pounds. He also has brown hair and brown eyes. No further information on his measurements is available.

Daniel Thrasher | Bio, Age, Wiki, YouTube, Movies, Net Worth, Height | Subtitles: Daniel Thrasher (Source: Reddit)

Is Daniel Thrasher active on social media?

It has about 138,000 followers on Instagram, about 3,2,000 followers on Facebook and about 37,000 followers on Twitter.

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