Darcy Silva refers to the divorce of Georgi Roussev!

TLC stars Darcy and Stacy Darcy Silva suggest that her new engagement to Georgy Roussev, which she thought was her Mr. Bon sei, may be an old story, and the couple seem to have split up! Social networks of couples have important clues! It’s only been two weeks since she died on the 18th. October announced their pledge!

TLC Darcy and Stacy. Spoiler – Bon Voyage or Adios Amigo?

So, is he happy or adios amigo? Darcy’s last message on her Instagram with George was the announcement of their engagement on the 18th. October; George’s last contribution to the show was on October 20th. September; he posted his picture on the 21st. October and comment on a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson about patience!

However, they do not identify themselves as followers, although Stacy Silva does follow George – perhaps to take care of him instead of Darcy! Darcy met men twice in the four seasons that she appeared on his wife for up to 90 days. First a Jesse Mister left him a broken heart, half his age, and a Dutch model. Then she tried again with the British Tom Brooks, who gave her the key instead of the ring and tainted it with some poisonous and embarrassing remarks.

Then came George, a Bulgarian model and massage specialist, into her life. They met in February at the Super Bowl and ended the quarantine. After a rose oil massage there was a close bond. They announced their participation in the last episode of the first season of Darcy and Stacy. In recent weeks Darcy has launched a new weight loss program called HGC. In fact, she lost five pounds a week, and on the 30th she lost a lot of money. In October she got a new haircut in the Instagram post office. She looks like a different person!

TLC Darcy and Stacy. Spoiler – What about the separation?

Blogger John Yates showed a screenshot of the bitter remark Darcy left in one of Georgie’s messages. This is a picture of a couple on their first date at the Super Bowl launch party in February. Welcome to Miami. In fact, the photo was removed from George’s Instagram, although there are still videos with this date for his stories in the Super Bowl section. Darcy pointed out that body language says a lot and we have to admit that Georgie didn’t look very happy. Then Darcy pointed out that she had tried, but was probably not in this picture, and asked if she could be removed from the Instagram George page!

Fans wanted to know if they had split up, but she immediately removed the comments from the post and changed her selfishness with a new haircut! She wrote that she didn’t care now that her hair was short! It seems strange that the pair have only been racing for two weeks and that the expected gap is the same as when Darcy and Stacy announced they would resume their second season. Fans were expecting to see their wedding, but apparently that’s not supposed to happen!

Stay with us at TLC and follow the two premieres of Darcy and Stacy this season, as well as the latest news, updates and gossip about all 90-day fiancée, spin-offs and star shows!

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