All little girls dream of becoming a princess; all women believe in their dream to seek the truth; all celebrities see their dream come true.

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Some of the dresses are made for a woman, others for the weaker sex in general, but they all have diamonds in common, considered a basic indicator of a life of luxury one can afford. Moreover, these fine crystals can vary not only in shape but also in colour, depending on the material.

Well, here we go.

First place is certainly the richest dress in the world, and the lucky one is the man who saw it with his own eyes. Attractive, bright and shiny – the Kuala Lumpur Nightingale appeared in public in 2009.

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Kuala Lumpur Nightingale Faizali Abdullah

The cost of this incredible dress is $30,000,000.

It was presented at the STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL under his own name and also had another name – that of the dress designer Faizali Abdullah. The colour red caught the viewer’s attention – silk, satin and muslin are the main materials. The other features are the sparkling elements: It contains 751 carefully cut Swarovski and a large 70-carat diamond, which forms the central part of the object and its overall appearance.

Kuala Lumpur Nightingale Faizali Abdullah

Kuala Lumpur Nightingale Faizali Abdullah

The second position was left by the dress of Abai, designed by Debbie Wingham.

Abaya, designed by Debbie Wingham.

Abaya, designed by Debbie Wingham.

It was made in Dubai as a Muslim dress. For example, almost all parts of the body are closed to the outer eye.

Abaya, designed by Debbie Wingham.

Abaya, designed by Debbie Wingham.

The total price is $17,600,000, which puts him in second place in our rankings. It is inlaid with 2,000 diamonds of different types: white, black and even red, which is extremely rare in the world. The latter is the most important feature of the object. Besides what makes this dress even more unique, it is made of gold to cover certain parts.

Third place, if it’s taken by Diamond Dress, for $9,000,000.

Scott Henschall from Diamond Dress.

Scott Henschall from Diamond Dress.

The author of this special garment is Scott Henschall. The reason it was filmed was the release of a new film that created a new line in the film industry – Spider-Man. Samantha Mumbai, the lovely lady who received it, bought it for the opening day.

The dress contains over 3000 diamonds, small but still brilliant.

Fourth place went to the Black Diamond dress, made and presented by Debbie Wingham, who said it was worth $5,500,000.

A black diamond dress by Debbie Wingham.

A black diamond dress by Debbie Wingham.

The event, which was presented to a fairly large and intelligent audience, was a fashion show in Kiev. It took the makers six months to develop an idea and put it into practice. It appeals to the imagination with 1,000 black and white diamonds placed on a dark material – precisely black and grey. The shape is long, tight, with some impressive details around the neck. If the woman gets it, she’ll certainly feel like a princess.

And finally, the last place on our ranking is taken by a sparkling red dress that Maria Grahvogel wore on her solo show.

Maria Grahvogel's shiny red dress

Maria Grahvogel’s shiny red dress

The amount she spent on it was $1,800,000.

The piece is set with 2,000 diamonds spread all over the dress, starting with the silk corset, which makes the woman very slim and attractive, and also because she was united to have only one hand. The color is beautiful red.

The clothes described above cannot be worn at regular events, but they can make any event or celebration unusual and unforgettable.

Who’s gonna wear a dress like that?

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