Jean Mensa, chairman of the election commission

The election commission rejected the National Democratic Congress’ accusations that the commission printed additional ballot papers without the party’s knowledge.

A statement to the Ghana News Agency, a copy of which has been sent, states that, in line with the Commission’s usual practice of printing ballot papers by more than five per cent for cases such as electoral spoils, this practice has been applied since 1992.

In line with this policy, all printers were instructed to print more than 5 percent of the 2020 ballots in the 38,630 polling stations across the country, according to the statement.

She explained that since 1992 presidential and parliamentary ballots in all polling stations have been printed in numbers of 10, 25, 50 and 100.

In this context, the Commission explained that the polling station where, for example, 90 voters voted would receive one booklet containing 100 ballot papers or two booklets containing 50 ballot papers each, because a special booklet could not be printed for exactly that number of voters.

In the above scenario, the brochure cannot be printed for ninety voters. A brochure with 100 ballot papers will be made available. With the increase from five percent (5 percent) to 90 voters, the number of ballots will increase to about ninety-five (95).

However, as there is only one booklet with 100 ballots available at this polling station, the number of ballots will exceed five. This is the case in several polling stations.

This is unavoidable because it is impossible to print separate brochures for each polling station depending on the number of voters registered at that station.

On the question of whether the EC had not issued serial numbers to political parties, the Commission stated that it had never been customary for the EC not to generate serial numbers for all ballot papers exceeding 17 million.

It stated that the serial numbers would not be made available to the Commission and the political parties until the ballot papers for each polling station had been completed, so that the distribution of the ballot papers could be monitored and controlled.

The Commission therefore stated that it was difficult for it to understand why NDC would try to express fear and concern about a transparent and open procedure such as the printing of ballot papers.

The Commission assures citizens that every vote is counted. No ballots will be included in an uninvoiced package, this will not happen. Our processes are open, transparent, reliable and will remain so, he added.

She therefore called on the public to ignore the NDC’s attempts to sow fear and panic and increase tensions in the run-up to the December 2020 elections.

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