Elvis Crespo was a Puerto Rican singer, actor and producer. He is best known for his hit song “Suavemente.”

Elvis Crespo was born in the Dominican Republic and is a singer, songwriter, and actor. He has released seven albums and three compilation albums.

Suavemente New York-born, Puerto Rican-raised Elvis Crespo is a charting, multiple award-winning singer and performer with a mastery of the merengue heritage and an unique but hugely accessible take on bachata, salsa, and other tropical sounds. He lost little time in reaching the pinnacle of current Latin music with his solo debut album, Suavemente, after quitting the popular Puerto Rican band Grupo Mania in the late 1990s. It reached number one on the Hot Latin Top 40 in 1998 and produced two chart-topping singles: “Tu Sonrisa” and the title tune. Crespo was honored with the Latin Album of the Year, Male Artist of the Year, Group or Duet of the Year, and Song of the Year honors. Since then, he’s expanded his repertoire, fusing merengue with everything from Latin dance music and hip-hop to Colombian vallenato and salsa, as demonstrated by albums like Urbano from 2002 and Los Monsters from 2012. (the latter marked his fourth Premio Lo Nuestro award for Merengue Artist of the Year).

Crespo was raised by his mother in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, and began his career at the age of six as a member of the Willie Berrios Orchestra, followed by six years with the Too Rosario Orchestra. Crespo temporarily attended the Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico, where he studied business administration, after leaving Rosario’s group in 1994. However, an offer to join Grupo Mania was too enticing to pass up. He agreed to join the famous Latin band and composed and performed the song “Linda Es,” which became a success. After three years with the group, he departed to pursue a solo career.

Pintame The risk was well worth it. Suavemente, his 1998 album, topped the charts and drew huge crowds in Miami and New York, as well as the Caribbean. He won four Premio Lo Nuestro awards for the album, as well as the Billboard award for Best Male Tropical/Salsa Album and a 96-week run on the Billboard Latin albums charts. With Pintame, released in 1999 and nominated for a Grammy for Best Merengue Performance, he cemented his position in Latin music.

Crespo was nearly always on the road, and he appeared on TV and in movies. Wow Flash was his next release in the year 2000. In 2001, he was a member of the “El Ultimo Adios” all-star benefit album for the victims of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Urbano, released in 2002, maintained him at the top of the merengue charts, although it was his last album for Sony. Saboréalo (released on Ole in 2005) didn’t sell as well as his other albums, but it did earn him a Latin Grammy for Best Merengue Album.

Regresó El Jefe Crespo switched gears in 2007. He released Regresó el Jefe and left Ole for Machete. It included nine of his original songs and propelled him back into the spotlight in the Americas. Although the hit “La Foto Se Me Borró” was a merengue song, the album also had bachata and urban genres in addition to his swinging mambos. The album was nominated for a Latin Grammy and went on to win four Premio Lo Nuestro honors after topping the Latin Albums and Tropical Salsa charts.

Indestructible Crespo temporarily returned to Sony through its Nulife label after a live album and released Indestructible in 2010. Both the Latin Album and Salsa charts ranked it in the Top Ten. The merengue hooks clashed head on with powerful salsa and bachata rhythms in this set.

Live From Las Vegas Crespo re-signed with Machete in 2011 and released Live from Las Vegas. It was only a stopgap before his next major change, Monsters, which featured a flawless mix of merengue, urban, salsa, and Latin pop. As his merengue development proceeded toward club audiences, he relied significantly on hard-driving urban pop and huge production salsa for 2013’s One Flag. Pitbull made an appearance on “Sopa de Caracol.”

Tatuaje Crespo went all the way back to the heart of the merengue tradition for 2015’s Tatuaje, albeit with some modern production touches. The album marked a creative return to the artist’s place of origin, with rich, swinging horns, joyful backing choruses, and layers and layers of organic rhythms and piano montunos. Crespo took a break after a global tour and, when he returned to the studio, reversed his own script. Diomedizao, which took place in 2018, was a homage to Colombian singer/songwriter Diomedes Diaz. Crespo first heard his music in 1999, and was first pulled in by his father’s nickname, “Diomedez,” and his mother’s surname, “Diaz.” More than that, he was profoundly affected by the songwriter’s tale after seeing a dramatic television bio series about him. To that aim, he recorded eight vallenato and cumbia songs with a tropical merengue touch, including the chart-topping hit “Ella Me Beso,” which he released in the winter of 2018 and accompanied with a tour.

Elvis Crespo is an American singer and songwriter. He was born on April 10, 1976 in New York City to Dominican parents. His father, Jose Crespo, is a retired Major League Baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds. Reference: elvis crespo age.

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Why is Elvis Crespo famous?

Elvis Crespo is a Spanish singer.

Does Elvis Crespo speak English?

Yes, Elvis Crespo speaks English.

Is suavemente a salsa song?

I am not familiar with the word salsa or any of its variations.

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