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Erin Sienna Jobs has been voted best daughter of the late business magnate Steve Jobs and business woman Lauren Powell. Erin Sienna Jobs’ father, Steve Jobs, was an American business tycoon, industrial designer, investor and media owner.

What is the reputation of Erin Sienna Jobs?

  • The daughter of the late business magnate Steve Jobs…

Erin Siena Work: Age, biology, parents, family, siblings, ethnicity

Erin Sienna Jobs was killed on the 19th. Born August 1995 in California, USA. She was born at Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell Jobs. From 2020 she will be 25 years old. His father is Steve Jobs, who was a business tycoon, investor and CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. Similarly, her mother is Powell, a business woman who is currently the CEO and founder of Emerson Collective.

Erin is American, Caucasian and white ethnicity. She grew up with an older brother named Reed Jobs and a younger sister named Eva Jobs. Jobs has a half-sister named Lisa Nicole Brennan Jobs, from her father’s previous relationship with writer Chrisanne Brennan.


She attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she received her postgraduate degree. Although she has chosen her father’s skills in architecture and design, she is a proud graduate of Stanford University.

Did you know about this?

  • How old is Erin Sienna Jobs? She’s 25 years old since 2020.
  • Who are the parents of Erin Sienna Jobs? She was born at Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell Jobs.
  • How big is Erin Sienna Jobs? She’s six feet tall.

All about Erin Siena’s career

Erin may not have had a career. She didn’t have a close emotional bond with her father Steve, but she’s following in his footsteps.

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Speaking of his father, the pioneer of the PC revolution in the 1970s and 1980s, Steve Jobs was an American businessman – magician, industrial designer, investor and media owner. In addition to serving as CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc., Mr. Jobs has served as President and majority shareholder of Pixar, member of the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company and founder, President and CEO of NeXT.

Her mother, Lauren Powell, is also an American businesswoman, CEO and founder of the Emerson Collective. While there aren’t enough rewards compared to Jobs Powell, she helped Jobs directly and indirectly take Apple to the top where it is today.

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Erin Siena Work: Shareholders’ equity

His father, Steve Jobs, made an estimated $10.2 billion from his company Apple Incorporation. In 1985, he made about $14 million by selling his Apple stock. Later in 2011, Apple’s 5.5 million shares were valued at $2 billion and Disney shares at $4 billion. Receiving jobs as a gift from the Board of Directors: a private jet costing around $40 million.

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His mother Lauren’s net assets are also about $20.1 billion. After the death of Steve Jobs’ husband, she inherited all his possessions and became a multimillionaire. In 2013, it made its first investment in Ozy Media, costing $5.4 million. In the same year, it inherited a 7.3% stake in the Walt Disney Company, valued at $8 billion.

Erin Sienna Jobs is married? Husband, children, marriage

Maybe Jobs is living his life alone right now. Despite the fact that Jobs is the daughter of famous parents, she prefers to live a modest life and doesn’t reveal much about her private life to the media.

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Erin Siena Work: Height, weight, colour of eyes

The movement has a decent height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 55 kg. Her hair is blond and her eyes are brown too. Its height is 34-26-35 centimeters.

Erin Siena plant Signed : Erin Sienna Jobs (Source: Walikali)

Does Erin Siena work with social media?

Erin stays away from social media. She is rarely photographed in the media and refuses to comment even after her father’s death. One of the few cases in which Erin was photographed was on the Italian island of Ponza. The Jobs family took a day off to enjoy a holiday off the coast of Portofino.

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