Aidoxy Mbugenge is a model who married Ludakris, a popular American rapper and actor.  Ludacris’ real name is Christopher Brian Bridges.  The couple’s been together since 2009, and since the 26th. In December 2014 she got engaged to Ludakris, and they were married the same day.

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Eudoxy Mbugenge – Age, Ethnicity, Education

Mbugienge is at 14. May 1986: Born and raised in West Africa in the village of Gabon. As a child, she went through years of poverty and abuse and moved to the United States without knowing English.

However, Mbugienge was not bothered by these obstacles because she obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Miami.

How do you say Eudoxy Mbugenge?

The name Yudoxi is pronounced Eh-Dox-Ay-Buig-yen-ge.

Ethnic accessories

Her father is American and her mother is Gabonese. She was born in Gabon and is of Gabonese descent.

Marriage of Aidoxy Mbugenge to Ludakris

Ludakris’ romantic proposal to Yudoxi was as sweet as can be.  A couple flew in a private jet, and when the plane was about to land, she saw Eudoxy’s words, “Will you marry me? It is written in blue on a beautiful green grass. Remarkably happy, Eudoxy said yes, after which they got engaged.

Just like any other couple, Ludakris and Eudoxi risked their share of the conflict. Although they have been together since 2009, Ludakris had a child with his girlfriend Tamika Fuller; a daughter named Kai Bell Bridges in December 2013.

There was also a custody battle that temporarily put a damper on Ludakris’ career. But despite all these obstacles, Yudoxi and Ludakris appeared as a couple.

In June 2015, Eudoxi announced that she had given birth to a daughter, the first of a pair called Cadence Gael Bridges.  For him Ludakris declared that Eudoxi was his best friend and that he had married him for the right reasons.

Eudoxi is also the adoptive mother of two other daughters of her husband from another marriage, Karma Bridges and Kai Bell Bridges.

Eudoxy Mbugenge – net value

Her net value is estimated at $5 million, while her husband, the rapper Ludacris, has a net value of $25 million.

Eudoxy Mbugenge – Philanthropy

Eudoxi Mbugige, a survivor of psychological and sexual abuse, leads the fight for women’s rights.  It tries to improve the lives of many women in Africa and America and provide them with training and employment opportunities.

Eudoxie runs her own charity called Unknown Angels, which focuses on educating, supporting, motivating and empowering women.

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Eudoxy Mbugenge – Pictures

It’s nothing

Eudoxy is a symbol of inspiration that has arisen from the impoverished conditions to create an identity of its own.

Through her organisation she passes on part of her success to society. It is also associated with GoFundMe for business reasons.

We know Yudoxie’s close to her little sister Cristella.

Here is the link to Eudoxy Mbugenge’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/eudoxie/?hl=en. It has a million followers.

Yudoxi has dual nationality, American and Gabonese.

Known as a modest, cheerful and narcissistic connoisseur, this distinctive 5’8 model has also written a book entitled The Unknown Angel – My Story Through My Eyes.

In 2018 Eudoxi showed that she had a miscarriage and underwent surgery the year before (2017).  She also said they planned the boy to finish their family.

More information can be found here!

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