History MusicFBG Duck is an American musician and rapper who is also part of a rap group called Fly Boy Gang or FBG. The team is the result of their involvement in criminal activities. The name of the FBG in this class is FBG #3, but many call it Big Clout. Years: He was born on the 6th. December 1993, born in Tucaville, Chicago. He’s been on the 28th since he joined the gang. The South Chicago district, that’s a fact. Career progression: They became more and more popular and started hiding their music videos. For the general public, however, he was a member of this group.

He is known for several oxen, with rappers like Edai and Chief Keef. These problems have led to his popularity. In the past, he’s been a member of the St. Lawrence Boys Band. His team is arriving in Southeast Chicago. It’s a gang. The name has now been changed to Gangster Apprentice. The gang gained respect and glory through its own involvement that continues to this day. Besides Cashout there are six boys in the audioband with FBG Duck, Dutchie, Billionaire Black, Young Mellow and Lil Jay. He threatened the rapper, with whom he has a feud, Edai, to break his bones. He wasn’t afraid of how other people would react. In 2017 he released a brand new song called Gang Anthem.


-⃣BIGCLOUT (@FBG_DUCK) 12 May 2018.

Only one of his gangster disciples is extremely important to him. His songs are published by him so that they are easily accessible to his fans. His latest hit, released in January 2018, was called Slide and became his biggest hit: The film has been watched over 5 million times and downloaded thousands and thousands of times. The film includes his gang. Life: There’s no information about his father. His mother’s name is LeeSheena White. He doesn’t seem to have played any part in her life. It is known that he has a relationship with his own sister, although he is talking about his mother. Because there’s always something going on when you’re 15, he’s often in the headlines. He was stabbed to death by his fiancée after his sister LeAndrea White died in a fire. He survived the tragedy in 2014. When she was a child, her departure was a shock to him, and he loved her very much. He came to see her and played her mother’s sister. They became famous after his sister’s death, although he tried to keep their names as secret as possible. He had an older brother. In Chicago it was even tragic because he was engaged and pregnant with a child who was killed in the summer of 2017. The FBI Duck became even more nervous after his brother’s murder, and he stressed in an interview that he was watching and paying attention. There’s a Jünger Bruder on behalf of Day. The family seems to have a demand for music. His girlfriend was stabbed in the farm, where she became more distant and fast. Placed its scales, where it blew for a few days and was moved to the crank house. Пошёл на праздник после того, как его его выписали из больницы. Потому что он верит, что это сделало его похожим похожим девушку, он выдвинул обвинение. В него стреляли, чтобы раны были острыми, но дважды от ног. Пару месяцев ему нужно было надеть костыли. Он находится под влиянием и очень любит есть бутоны.

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