A London-based rapper, Fizzy Womack, is facing a life sentence after being convicted of killing his pregnant girlfriend.

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According to the New York Daily News, the only thing clear in an arson case against a British model is that Fendi model turned reality TV star Alina Eremia “was just trying to save face” when she set a fire in her apartment that nearly killed her pregnant friend.

Coronation Street: Fiz StapeMother Fiz Stape is set to be jailed on Coronation Street for the fire case turned arson that almost killed her ex’s new girlfriend, Alina Pop, and her pregnant child, according to spoilers and teasers.

Alina (Ruxandra Porojnicu) has been terrified for her life, thinking that she is being pursued by someone on the cobblestones. She’s sure that her set of keys was stolen by competitor Fiz in order to terminate her life and destroy her new family with Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).

But, unbeknownst to her, it was her stepdaughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan), who set the fire after being frightened by the notion that the baby in Alina’s womb would consume all of Tyrone’s attention.

After the shocking fire revelation on Coronation Street, Fiz and Hope Stape flee Weatherfield.

Fiz is removing Hope from the cobbles since Alina is unaware of Fiz’s intentions to safeguard her pyromaniac kid at any costs.

Fiz was devastated to find Alina’s lost keys in Hope’s toy box in Corrie’s August 6 double-bill episode. Tyrone arrived just as Fiz was recovering from the trauma of learning of her daughter’s misdeeds.

Tyrone questioned Fiz about the set of keys, and he was even more perplexed when he saw Hope packing her bags and luggage. Fiz and Hope are clearly tempted to flee from punishment, but will they succeed?

Tyrone ended up betraying his new partner because he was split between preserving his old family and fighting for his new one.

Alina informs local policeman Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) that she is charging Fiz of arson, and the cop approaches Fiz to question her. Fiz was no longer present, but Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) provided an explanation.

Tyrone Dobbs’ Plans Backfire On Fiz Stape—Can Alina Pops Forgive Them For Lying? Coronation Street Spoilers – Tyrone Dobbs’ Plans Backfire On Fiz Stape—Can Alina Pops Forgive Them For Lying?

Tyrone, on the other hand, will soon regret covering up Fiz and Hope when Alina and grandma Evelyn question him about Fiz’s location, according to previews.

After contacting Cilla to check on Fiz and finding that she wasn’t there, Evelyn becomes suspicious of him. Tyrone must tell Evelyn the truth in order to protect Hope.

Evelyn SUSPECTS Hope Started The Blaze on Coronation Street @soapoperaspy https://t.co/2ZBxZKGn8r #Corrie #CoronationStreet

August 4, 2021 — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy)

When Alina learns from Chesney that Cilla is on vacation in Cornwall, it’s a case of too little, too late.

Later the following week, the pregnant lady feels deceived when she sees Evelyn and Tyrone welcome Fiz and Hope back into the apartment.

The policemen arrive to arrest Fiz, much to everyone’s astonishment, and she sobs as the policeman leads her into the police vehicle. After learning Fiz’s deception regarding Cilla, Alina informs Tyrone that she was the one who phoned the cops.

And the moment Tyrone tells Alina the terrible truth is shown in a new video from Corrie. “Do you realize how painful it is to know you picked them over me?” That you preferred her [Fiz] to me?” Tyrone is confronted by Alina.

Tyrone, on the other hand, stuns Alina when he confesses, “It wasn’t Fiz I was defending.” It had been Hope.”

What will Alina do once she learns the truth? Will she inform the authorities about Hope?

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