Ava Jerome (Mora West), Nicholas Cassadine (Markus Coloma) Spoilers in the General Hospital (GH) The teasing once started as a fake wedding to raise millions of dollars, can be true love! Eva Jerome (West Sea), based in Port Charles, will only give a codecyle to Nicholas Cassadine (Markus Koloma) in the will of Elena Cassadine (Constance Towers) if Nicholas agrees to marry her. Not only that, but also the fact that the couple has signed a post-marital agreement, which in fact states that if one of the two turns out to be unfaithful in marriage, the other will receive 95% of Cassadin’s estate.

Spoiler Hospital – Ava Jerome and Nicholas Cassadine love to hate each other

Because they had real reasons not to like each other, Mykola and Ava were determined to make the other cheater. But after their plan to manipulate each other failed, Mykola and Ava finally married without breaking their vows. Looks like they’re about to have a real wedding. But there is a new obstacle that could prevent them both from continuing. And here’s the one and only Ryan Chamberlain (John Lindstrom), one of the worst serial killers Port Charles has ever seen!

SpoilerGH – Ryan Collins and Eva Hieronymus‘s Dirty Past

Ava was associated with Ryan when he claimed to be his twin brother, Dr. Kevin Collins (also John Lindstrom). When Ava had a problem with her daughter, Kiki Jerome, Ryan agreed to kill her. After Ryan’s double was finally discovered, he was sent to Pentonville.

There he befriends prisoner Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). Ryan even helped Nell get paroled by attacking her in prison, making Pentonville unsafe. When Nelle is supposedly dead, she sent a letter back to Ryan in which she blames Ava’s brother Julian Jerome (William DeVries) for a children’s exchange program. If this letter had reached Sonny Corinth (Maurice Bernard), Julian would have died.

Spoilers for general hospitals – Blackmail

Ryan told Ava she had to divorce Nicholas to protect Julian. But that would mean that Ava would lose Cassadin’s fortune that she worked so hard to build. Although money was no problem, spoilers in the general hospital say that Ava and Nikolai have finally reached the place where they might really want to get married. Ava hasn’t told Nikolai about blackmailing Ryan, but she may decide to do so soon.

If Ava and Nikolai decide to work together in the general hospital, they may submit false documents proving that the couple has been separated. Ryan can’t verify that information in any way, so he probably will. There’s still no guarantee that Ryan won’t send the letter after all. But let’s hope that Ava and Nicholas can take the next steps together!

General Hospital spoilers: Emma Rylan is responding to Lulu Spencer’s departure, so you can help her! https://t.co/DSflHKwOAI.

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SpoilerGH – What do you think?

Is Ava still planning her divorce from Nicholas? Or are they gonna find another way to neutralize Ryan? Only time will tell, so keep in touch with the general hospital by sending your weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check here regularly for all the news, information and spoilers of the General Hospital!

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