According to a survey by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCEC), Ghanaian voters have identified education, employment and health as key issues for the presidential and parliamentary candidates who will stand in the elections on 7 March. December.

Other concerns for Ghanaian voters are the needs of women and children, youth development, corruption and social services such as sanitation, TAC and water.

The other areas are agriculture, business, sport, roads and infrastructure, information and communication technology (ICT), environment and climate change, and social intervention policies.

Other challenges include the rule of law, peaceful coexistence and patriotism; the NCCE study provided to the Ghana News Agency was noted: The 2020 elections are an important theme for Ghanaian voters.

The survey was carried out in all 275 constituencies and information was received from 9,541 GBz. The data were collected in September 2020.

According to the NCCE survey, a third of respondents stressed that the next government should continue its policy of free education, in addition to providing more infrastructure for student housing.

As regards employment, the majority of respondents noted that more jobs have been created by building more factories; the next government should also provide adequate medical infrastructure and improve the National Health Insurance System (NHIS).

Respondents want parliamentarians to pass laws to extend free education to all levels of education, pass laws to support job creation, lobby the executive to ensure adequate provision of health infrastructure, and pass laws to address NHIF issues.

The NCCE survey also showed that the elected Ghanaian parliamentarians are using the General Fund allocated to them to address critical issues.

For example, in the three main areas of concern, more than 30 percent said parliamentarians should use their share of the General Fund to provide scholarships, educational facilities, materials and questions.

In terms of employment, 31.5 percent of those surveyed offered loans to small businesses and groups, while more than a quarter of those surveyed offered to build factories in the driving and sponsorship education programmes for voters.

The interviewees also argued in favour of the health infrastructure in the constituencies and mentioned the share of parliamentarians in the General Health Fund as one of the three most urgent issues.

Mrs Josephine Nkrumah, President of the NCCE, said in an interview with the Ghanaian news agency that one of the purposes of the Commission was to assess, for the information of the government, the restrictions imposed by existing inequalities between the various population groups in order to achieve genuine democracy and to make recommendations for the elimination of such inequalities.

She said the overall aim of the 2020 poll is to examine issues of concern to Ghanaian voters and their perception of previous governments’ performance in addressing key development issues in the December polls.

Mr Diaconu said that the aim of the study is to examine the willingness of Ghanaians to vote – what voters expect from their political representatives – and to assess the effectiveness of government action (past and present) in addressing the most pressing development challenges, building on previous studies on problematic issues.

The NCCE Chairman explained that the study also revealed new trends in violence and citizens’ awareness of the use of weapons and their contribution to the electoral violence in Ghana.

She stated that the NCCE study also provided the necessary information to develop the content of its citizen/election education for the 2020 and beyond parliamentary elections.

Mrs Nkruma explained that the Commission also produces empirical data to evaluate and monitor government policies and measures to see whether they address the problems raised as problems for voters.

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