Grupo Codiciado is a band of five young Mexican teenagers who first came to fame on YouTube. They are known for their passionate renditions of classic rock and pop songs, often in Spanish. This biography introduces the group’s members, song catalog, and more!

The “grupo codiciado members names” is a group of musicians from Mexico. They have been in the music industry since the 1970s. The group has released many albums and songs over the years.

Grupo Codiciado is a Tijuana, Mexico-based “new corrido” quintet. Despite the fact that its members — Erick Aragón, Alexis Caez, Iván Ramirez, Arturo Nuez, and Geovanny Rodriguez — come from various areas of the nation, they met in the city of Baja, California in early 2015, all looking for work in the music industry. Their common goal for modernizing classic corridos with a driving sound that included brilliant percussion, electric bajo sexto, and blazing accordion with funky basslines was apparent from the outset, and rehearsals started almost immediately, often around the clock. Furthermore, all five members were social media savvy, and by the end of the year, they’d organized and professionally recorded a performance with over 45 million YouTube views. They kept posting fresh videos, which grew their fan base; within weeks, they were performing at sold-out street parties and festivals in Tijuana.

Si Lo Digo Es Porque Puedo The band signed to Rancho Humilde early the following year, based on the growing popularity of their social media postings and live performances. Si Lo Digo Es Porque Puedo, their first album, was recorded nearly soon after they signed with the company. While the album failed to chart, the single did. The song “Gente de Accionar” reached the Top 40 of the Hot Latin Songs list, the Mexican Airplay charts, and a number of digital charts two years later. Grupo Codiciado’s swinging, drum kit-heavy sound drew more fans to YouTube and other social media platforms at the same time. A live video of the album track “Paso a Paso” from 2016 garnered 22 million views, while other singles and live songs racked up millions more. The band performed hundreds of live concerts throughout Mexico, as well as dozens of television and radio appearances. Rancho Humilde took the uncommon decision of not releasing a pre-release single or video for their second album, Miro lo que Otros No Miran, until February of 2018. The experiment was successful. It debuted at number eight on the Regional Mexican Albums list. The song “El Disney,” which was released shortly after the album, featured Crecer German on guest vocals.

“Nivel Codiciado” is a band from Mexico. The band has released three albums and one EP with the most recent being “Celos”. They have also released two singles, “Amor y Mentiras” and “El Fin del Mundo”. Reference: where is nivel codiciado from.

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