Guaynaa is a pop and reggaeton singer. He has released six albums, including his latest album titled “Guaye”.

Guaynaa is a Colombian singer and actress. She is best known for her hit song “Soy Yo” (I am me) which has over 1 billion views on YouTube. She has released four albums, three of them with Universal Music Group.

Guaynaa is a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, rapper, and songwriter best known for the 2019 hit single “Rebota,” a deliberate (but creative) return to the Afro-Latino origins of 1990s reggaeton, replete with harsh, spiky, dembow rhythms and perreo dance. He also sparked the #RebotaChallenge, a viral social media craze in which admirers of the song uploaded their own perreo videos. (Even Karol G took part.) Guaynaa (real name: Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez) is not a revivalist; rather, he views the reggaeton lineage as fertile ground for creativity in urban Latin music and Latin pop in general.

Given his stage name, the musician was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, not Guaynabo, as many people believe. Despite the fact that he had been singing and rapping for the most of his life, the music bug struck him hard when he graduated from high school and began college. Under the pseudonym Janko El Guayna, he started releasing covers and originals on Twitter and YouTube, including his debut, 2015’s “La Pista Esta Fea” b/w “Mothafoca.” To perfect his skills, he returned to writing and studio work. He released the video song “Pirateando” in July of 2018, which has received over two million views. He released the inspirational “Huracán Mara Freestyle” in the autumn as a reaction to Hurricane Maria, which ravaged the island. It became a hit on the country’s radio stations and was extensively distributed across the Caribbean, leading to his contract with Sony. Guaynaa went straight back to work, inspired by Calle 13’s Residente’s lyrics and Daddy Yankee’s business acumen and performing flair, and by December had released the video for “Rebota,” which had racked up over 200 million views in its first three months. It became a regular feature on PR radio, helping to extend his name across the United States and Latin America. He recruited Samuel Del Valle and Joselito Hernandez to help him with the festive song “Navidad en Puertorri” later that month. He launched the #RebotaChallenge in January, a video and social media craze that quickly swept throughout Europe and Asia. Guaynaa became well-known not just on the radio, but also on television. He released the song “La Stripper” in February and collaborated with Karly & Yoe on the tune “Parties de Escuelas.” He worked with ejo on the song “Mi Leona” in March and appeared with Brray and Chris Wandell on Paulino Rey’s “Machuqueo.” He was asked to join Bad Bunny onstage for a thundering rendition of “Rebota” in April. KRZ and Guaynaa collaborated on the song “Bugal” shortly after.

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