Heart is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1978. They are known for their hit songs “Barracuda” and “Never Enough”, which both reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The heart songs is a celebrity biography, songs, and albums. It includes information on the singer’s life, career, and personal life.

Dreamboat Annie Ann and Nancy Wilson are the creative force behind Heart, a rock band that rose to fame in the mid-’70s thanks to guitar-heavy radio singles like “Magic Man” and “Barracuda,” only to rise even higher after a decade with a big pop return. Heart’s 1976 debut, Dreamboat Annie, and 1977 sophomore effort, Little Queen, combined progressive rock, hard rock, and folk influences to establish the band as a hard-hitting hitmaking machine with both hooks and attitude. Heart, their eponymous eighth album released in 1985, was certified quintuple platinum thanks to hits like “Alone,” “What About Love?” and “These Dreams,” the latter of which was the band’s first number one song. Despite taking a hiatus in the late 1990s to pursue other interests, Heart managed to score a Top Ten album in each of the band’s four decades together — the Wilsons did record a pair of roots-oriented LPs under the name the Lovemongers in 1997 and 1998. Heart reformed in 2004 with Jupiters Darling and went on to release a series of successful albums before being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

Ann (born June 19, 1950) and Nancy Wilson (born March 16, 1954), the daughters of a Marine Corps captain, grew raised in both Southern California and Taiwan before settling in Seattle, Washington. Both were interested in folk and pop music throughout their early years; although Ann never took formal music training as a kid (she subsequently learnt to play many instruments), Nancy took up guitar and flute. Following their time in college, both sisters chose to pursue careers as professional musicians, and although Nancy started as a folk singer, Ann joined the all-male singing group Heart.

Heart, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, was founded in 1963 by bassist Steve Fossen and brothers Roger and Mike Fisher. Originally known as the Army, they subsequently changed their name to White Heart before settling on simply Heart in the early 1970s. Ann started a personal connection with guitarist Mike Fisher shortly after joining the band, while Nancy began a relationship with guitarist Roger Fisher when she joined in 1974. Mike Fisher left active playing to become the band’s sound engineer shortly after Nancy’s arrival. Heart were contacted by Shelly Siegel, the proprietor of the Canadian label Mushroom, after establishing a following in Vancouver, and they produced their first album, Dreamboat Annie, in 1975, with the help of pianist Howard Leese and drummer Michael Derosier.

Magazine Mushroom released the album in the United States after selling more than 30,000 copies north of the border, and it soon reached platinum status because to the smash singles “Crazy on You” and “Magic Man.” Heart switched to CBS affiliate Portrait in 1977, leading in a long legal fight with Siegel, who released the unfinished LP Magazine on Mushroom in 1978, only a few months after the band released its genuine follow-up, Little Queen, on Portrait. Little Queen’s song “Barracuda” was another huge success, selling over a million copies, much like its predecessor.

Bebe le Strange Both Wilson and Fisher’s relationships ended after 1978’s Dog & Butterfly, and Roger Fisher quit the group. Heart released Bebe le Strange in 1980, and after a long U.S. tour, both Fossen and Derosier left, replaced by ex-Spirit and Firefall bassist Mark Andes and ex-Gamma drummer Denny Carmassi. Following the failures of 1982’s Private Audition and 1983’s Passionworks, the band was generally cast off by industry observers, and they signed with Capitol Records.

Bad Animals Heart, on the other hand, released a self-titled album in 1985, which went on to sell more than five million copies and provide four Top Ten hits: “What About Love?,” “Never,” the chart-topping “These Dreams,” and “Nothin’ at All.” Bad Animals’ resurgence continued in 1987, with “Alone” being another number one hit, as well as “Who Will You Run To” and “There’s the Girl” receiving significant exposure. Brigade was released in 1990 and included the number two hit “All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You,” as well as the Top 25 singles “I Didn’t Want to Need You” and “Stranded.” The Wilson sisters took a break from Heart in the early 1990s to create the Lovemongers, an acoustic foursome that featured Sue Ennis and Frank Cox, and released a four-song EP in 1992 that included a version of Led Zeppelin’s “The Battle of Evermore.” Desire Walks On was released in 1993, with Andes and Carmassi replaced by bassist Fernando Saunders and drummer Denny Fongheiser. Heart recruited former Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones to create a live acoustic performance for The Road Home in 1995, revisiting classics including “Dreamboat Annie,” “Crazy on You,” and “Barracuda.”

Whirlygig Heart had gone on hiatus by the late 1990s, with the Wilson sisters focusing on the Lovemongers, who released two albums: Whirlygig in 1997 and Here Is Christmas in 1998. Heart weren’t completely forgotten: they were the subject of one of the better episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music; a pair of best-of collections were released (1998’s Greatest Hits covered their early classics, while 2000’s Greatest Hits: 1985-1995 focused on their later years); and their music continued to appear in film soundtracks (including 2000’s The Virgin Suicides). Nancy released her first solo album, Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, in 1999, and a year later wrote the score for her husband Cameron Crowe’s hit film Almost Famous, while Ann continued to play with others: in the summer of 2001, she joined Todd Rundgren, John Entwistle (the Who), and Alan Parsons on the A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute to the Beatles tour (the Alan Parsons Project). Heart returned to active recording in 2004 with Jupiters Darling, which was released on Sovereign Artists, and three years later with Dreamboat Annie Live (a live rendition of songs from the band’s first album, recorded in Los Angeles in 2007). In August 2010, Red Velvet Car, an all-new compilation of original songs, was published.

Strange Euphoria In 2012, Heart stepped up the pace. Strange Euphoria, Legacy’s retrospective box set, was published in June. The Wilson sisters became writers in September when their book, Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll, was published. Fanatic, a compilation of all-new studio songs released in October, rounded off the year. Home for the Holidays, a seasonal Christmas CD, was released in 2014. In early 2016, the Wilson sisters and a group of collaborators finished producing a new album. Beautiful Broken (for a bonus cut from Fanatic) was a ten-track album that mixed new material with re-recordings of songs from albums released between 1980 and 1984 that the band thought weren’t captured properly the first time around. Metallica’s James Hetfield made a cameo appearance on the title track of the album. Concord released Beautiful Broken in July.

The heart band members are a group of people who have been together since the early 1980s. They are very talented and their songs, albums, and biography are all worth checking out.

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