Henry Thomas was born Henry Jackson Thomas, Jr. Professionally, he is an American actor and musician. He was born on the 9th. September 1971 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. His birth sign is Virgo. He is 5’8″ tall and weighs about 72 pounds. He is now 49 years old and of Welsh origin. The mother, Carolyn L. Thomas, is a homemaker and the father, Henry Jackson Thomas Sr. is a hydraulic machinist. He attended East Central High School and then Blinn College.

Henry Thomas Career details

Henry began his acting career in 1981, when he played the lead role of Harry in the historical drama Mad Man. As a current celebrity, he became known for his role as Elliott in the 1982 American science fiction film E.T.. The Alien, produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. This film earned him a 1983 Golden Globe nomination for New Star of the Year for Man in the Movies. He has also appeared as a child in several films, including Cloak and Dagger, Dreaming of a Frog, Misunderstood and Valmont. Since 2006, Henry has starred in numerous films directed by Mike Flanagan, including Dr. Sleep, Vijay: The Origin of Evil and Gerald’s Game. He was also featured in the supernatural Netflix horror series Haunted House. He also made his small screen debut in TV movies like Psycho IV: Inception, Betrayal, etc. He worked with the San Antonio band The Blue Heelers, wrote songs and played guitar. His song Truckstop Coffee is featured on the V2 soundtrack to Niagara, Niagara.

Henry Thomas marriage details

Henry Thomas has a very complicated past when it comes to his married life. But to this day he leads a happy family life. In 1999, he dated actress, model, producer, entrepreneur and writer Drew Barrymore and had a brief affair with her. Starting with his first love, Kelly Hill, who was also an actress. She is known for her work in The Reincarnation of God (2016). Henry first fell in love and dated Kelly for about four months. The couple married on the 20th. May 2000. But the couple’s married life did not last long, and the 2. They filed for divorce in May 2002. Henry’s second wife was Marie Zielke, a German actress who acted in films, on television and on film sets. Marie first met Henry on the set of Sweet Baby (2004). Finnish filmmaker Mika Kaurismaki introduced him to Heinrich in Berlin. After dating a German actress, Henry and Marie married on the 10th. May 2004. The couple’s wedding was held at the famous Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, also known as the Tunnel of Love. The couple became father and mother and eventually had one child, Hazel Thomas, born in 2004. But even this marriage did not last long. In 2006, Marie began a long-term relationship with another German actor and comedian, Christoph Maria Herbst. When Henry learned of this, he filed for divorce from Mary in May 2007. From 2006 to 2009, Marie had a long-term relationship with Christophe. Similarly, Henry’s second wife failed, leading to a divorce in 2007. His third and current wife, Annali Feri, is a professional musician herself. The former lead singer of Los Angeles-based band Monsters Are Waiting, which formed in 2005. He got engaged to Annalee in 2009 and eventually got married. The couple was blessed with two children, a beautiful daughter, Evelyn Thomas, and a handsome son, Henry Thomas III. To this day, Henry and Annalee are happily and contentedly married and living together.

Henry Thomas Children

Henry Thomas has three children. The first daughter he had with Maria Zielke was named Hazel Thomas. He then married Annalee Ferrie, a former lead singer in the Los Angeles band Monsters Are Waiting. He had two more children, Evelyn Thomas and Henry Thomas III.

Henry Thomas net worth

Celebrity Networth claims the actor is worth $1.5 million. While Henry is valued at $82 million, according to The Richest.

frequently asked questions

How much is Henry Thomas Worth worth?

How much is Henry Thomas Worth worth? Henry Thomas worthless: Henry Thomas is an American actor and musician with a net worth of $1.5 million. He probably became famous as an actor having acted in more than 40 films. Henry Jackson Thomas, Jr. was born.

How tall is Henry Thomas?

Henry Thomas

Is Henry Thomas married?

Marie Zielke

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