Dr. Solomon Owusu,

Dr Solomon Owusu, a mining engineer and native of Colorado, Denver, Ghana, said that the victory of the Hohoe member of the John-Peter Amusu constituency suggests rethinking the political strongholds and how the electorate shapes that discourse.

He said that political seats are important, but let’s focus on competence and development, because that’s how the voters of Hoho changed their iron loyalty and elected Mr. Amu in the December elections.

Dr Owusu emphasised these attitudes in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after Mr Owusu announced the conclusions of the annexed document by Mr Hoho.

He said the division or destruction of the political virginity of the Hoho constituency, a stronghold of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), would begin to determine the behavior of many other constituencies in the upcoming elections.

He said that one of the unique qualities of an elected member of parliament is his ability to identify talent, motivate it and enable it to work on building the nation. He urged the people of Hohoe County never to give up the seat of an intelligent and honest politician.

I can vouch for the transformation and reformulation of socio-economic development.

He described Mr. Amew as a leader of exceptional ability, simple and with respect for everyone, he said: He’s not the kind of arrogant, intelligent, corrupt ministers we see in this country.

Dr. Owusu was enthusiastic about the elected legislator and noted that he has shown great care, love and strategy in responding to the challenges faced by teeming youth, regardless of party affiliation, age and status.

He is always willing to give young people with exceptional talent the opportunity to practice what they do best. It enables them to explore, to bridge the gap between academics, to monitor their progress and to demand results.

The young Hohoe are lucky to have such a great leader who gives them a chance to grow.

He expected MPs, the MMDCE, chiefs, pastors, bishops and other leaders to follow his leadership to make this country a great country.

He said that although Mr Amewu has been transferred to the Ministry of Energy, the Ghanaians have seen the rapid transformation and progress he has made in a short period of time in the Ministry of Countries and Natural Resources to combat the threat of illegal mining.

He believes that his dream to create sustainable small-scale mining practices in the country where the operators are environmentally friendly and create jobs for millions of young Ghanaians to minimise poverty in the mining areas can be realised through this letter.

He postulated that Amewu was a great man for the future development of the country and said he demanded emulation from politicians.

He urged the judges to ensure that justice is done and that no one is disadvantaged or deprived of their civil rights in order to restore peace and tranquillity to the region.

M. Amewu later told the National Assembly of Ghana that politics feeds on development and that regions that have no development should begin to focus on competence and practical development.

According to him, the bastion phenomenon will remain untouchable if development dictates the pace and continuation of socio-economic growth.

He promised to solve the remaining problems in driving and to undertake new projects that are close to people’s hearts in order to strengthen confidence in him.

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