Honey Lantree is a singer-songwriter who has released three albums and six singles. Her music has been featured on MTV, The Voice, and Radio Disney.

Honey Lantree is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. She was born in the United States on April 10th 1969. Her parents were John Lantree and Mona Lisa Lantree. Honey has six siblings which include two older brothers named John Jr. and Michael, two older sisters named Mary-Kate and Ashley, a younger sister named Elizabeth, and a younger brother named Robert.

Honey Lantree, also known as Anne Margot Lantree, was one of the few female drummers to emerge from the British Invasion. She was arguably the best-known woman drummer in rock & roll in the 1960s, at least in England, as a member — and ultimately featured member — of the Honeycombs. Lantree was not a show-stopper; she could play well and was a competent vocalist when the occasion arose.

All Systems Go When Martin Murray wanted to create a rock & roll band in 1963, Lantree was working in a London hair salon run by him. Lantree, who had previously played drums, was a natural fit for that position in the band, and her presence provided them a visual advantage over virtually everyone else. songwriter/managers Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley signed the Honeycombs to a professional contract after they finished a three-night-a-week stint at an East End bar. With “Have I the Right,” created by the legendary Joe Meek, they reached number one in early 1964. Lantree became the most well-known female drummer in the world due to the touring and film and television appearances that followed the group’s worldwide success. She also showed her value as a vocalist by sharing lead vocals on one of their follow-up successes, “That’s the Way,” and her singing a deep pop ballad, “Something I Got to Tell You,” on their second album, All Systems Go, further reinforced her abilities in this area. The band’s management opted to shift Lantree to center stage later in the group’s existence, with Pretty Things alumni Viv Prince taking over the drumming on tour. Her fortunes deteriorated along with the group’s, which lost the majority of their following after 1965 as music and popular trends evolved, and they ended up performing in cabaret during their last years. When Honey Lantree and the Honeycombs broke up in 1967, after Meek’s suicide that year, they looked quaintly antiquated.

According to some accounts, Lantree inspired a young Karen Carpenter to pick up the drums, and a resurgence of interest in the British Invasion in the early 1980s led to a rediscovery of the Honeycombs’ music and a new generation of young fans championing her. Lantree was seen as an inspiration for women in rock with the rise of female instrumentalists in rock bands (especially those influenced by garage rock and British Invasion sounds), and with the help of various CD reissues of the Honeycombs’ work, Lantree finally got her due as a trailblazer in music. She didn’t take part in the Honeycombs’ resurrected versions’ labor. Honey Lantree, 75, passed away on December 23, 2018.

Martin Murray is a British actor best known for his role as Honey Lantree in the BBC series Doctor Who. Reference: martin murray honeycombs.

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