Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was an uncontrollable American actress on stage and in the movies. On the 20th. In the 19th century she was known as an energetic artist with a touch of eccentricity. She was wildly independent and had a brilliant accent (Katharine Hepburn’s) and feminine beauty. In addition, her wide variety of roles and acting talents have brought her to the big screen and earned her the title of top film star at the American Institute of Cinematography. In her seven-year career, she has won four Oscars, which is still a record today.

Among his best-selling classics are the African Queen, Guess Who Came to Dinner and the Golden Pond. You can also read the biography of Hepburn Catherine here.

Young children, parents and seniors

Katherine was born on the 12th. Born May 1907 in Hartford. Hepburn’s father was a rich and famous doctor from Connecticut, and his mother was a female election officer. She was born into a liberal family, where she was encouraged to sharpen her young spirit and to communicate as much as possible with the world. One of the events that had a strong influence on his early life was the discovery of his beloved brother hanging from a rafter on a piece of rope. The loss of her beloved brother has weakened her completely. Fortunately, Katharine Hepburn overcame this great tragedy of her childhood and became one of the most enduring legends in the history of cinema.

Actor career Hepburn Catherine

Catherine’s beginnings developed on stage and in the theatre, she graduated with a degree in film. After her graduation she started to play small roles in plays on Broadway and elsewhere. It has always attracted attention, especially through its role in art and by Mme Bouteille 1931. She finally became famous when she took the lead role of the Amazon Princess Antiopa in the film Warrior Husband from 1932. After several screen tests she was filmed in 1932 during the divorce application for John Barrymore. The film became a success and by accepting her wage demands, RKO signed a contract with her. Between 1932 and 1934 it was shown in five cinemas. For her third, Morning Glory, she received her first Oscar in 1933. His fourth painting, The Little Woman of 1933, is the most successful of all time. But at the end of the thirties her acting career began to crumble, and one day even a label was put on it – poisoning the cash register. Later, after a big break, his career was resumed with Oscar Katharine Hepburn and the nominations.

Husband, children and their married life

Katherine Hepburn’s husband is the socialist Ludlow Ogden Smith. Speaking of children, Katharine Hepburn – she married him when she was 21, but the marriage didn’t last long, and six years later they divorced.


Katharine Hepburn Network

At the time of her death, Kathryn Hepburn’s net worth was $30 million. The preponderance of this value comes from their 7.17 acre waterfront property in Connecticut.

Hepburn has created a style for himself.

In fashion, Katharine Hepburn – She was mainly seen in men’s clothing, including shirts with caps, flip-flops and trousers (both on and off screen).

Kathryn Hepburn’s last breath

Catherine was an important cultural icon and the embodiment of the inner strength and care of the 20th century woman. Katherine Hepburn died at the age of 96 in her home in Old Sabrook, Connecticut. With Katherine’s death, the American connection with the great age of conversation and her voice has disappeared. Her admirers still remember her for her acting talent and inner strength.

Popular Offers

Here are some quotes from Kathryn Hepburn:

If you accept all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.

Everyone thought I was cheeky, brave and even arrogant, but inside I was still trembling.


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