Apostle Professor Kwadwo Nimfur Opoku Onyina

Apostle Professor Opoku Onyina, former president of the Pentecostal congregation, says he prays for an end to the practice of parliamentary candidates sharing money with delegates to vote for them.

This, he said, because the parliamentary candidates are expected to be champions of the rational use of public funds and national heroes in the fight against corruption, backwardness and laziness at work.

Apostle Onyinah said this Sunday during his sermon in the Thanksgiving organized by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the forecourt of the State House after the party’s victory in the 2020 general election.

He urged the party leadership to serve with humility and charity, not to recognize themselves as more citizens than others, and to strive to serve the common good of all.

A nobleman knows not only his rights, but also his duties to his people and respects the rights and interests of others, he said.

On this subject: Jesus is for all, the Apostle Onyon appealed to the leadership of the parties and to all political parties seeking power, and asked them to eradicate the thought of oppressing the weak through their actions and omissions, because this would lead to failure.

You have to be a leader who embraces and supports everyone, no matter where he or she comes from or what party he or she belongs to, he or she added.

Referring to the behavior of some vain men of God, the Apostle Onan said that true prophets are the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge and ensure that their ministry does not put the people in a state of confusion.

I call upon those who call themselves prophets to be patient and wise and not to predict who will or will not become president and who will die, but to strengthen what can contribute to peace, national unity and development.

He urged the PNP and the National Democratic Congress to do their homework for the next elections, adding that equality of seats in parliament means for both parties that God wants them to work together for the good of the country in the next parliament.

Freddie Blay, the national chairman of the NPP, said the victory was national and not just for the NPP.

He urged the citizens to join the party to thank God for his loyalty and mercy to the nation for this peaceful election.

The event was interrupted by musical performances by gospel artists Philippa Baafi, Gifti Adoye, Kwesi Oteng and evangelist Diana Asamoah.

The event was also enriched by the choir singing of the Winneba Youth Choir and the Harmonious Choir with hymns such as To God be the glory, Now Thank Us All, To Our God, God Help Us Past, Captain of the Host of Israel and Yema Mo Afekhia Pa.

Members and supporters of the PNP and the clergy were present, including Pastor Frimpong Manso, General Director of the Assemblies of God, Pastor Father Andrew Campbell, Pastor of Christ the King Catholic Church, Pastor Dr. Joyce Arye, Salt and Light Ministries.

Among them were Apostle Eric Nyamekyi, President of the Pentecostal Church, Bishop Owusu Bempa, senior pastor of the Glorious Word Power Churches, and Rev. Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, Superior General of the New Generation Resurrection Power Churches.

The service was an opportunity for the public to pray for the President-elect for the next four years, the Vice President and his family, the elected members of the PNA, new ministers and appointees, leaders at all levels and Ghana as a whole to make peace prevail.

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