As a journalist of Spanish origin, he is recognized as one of the most important journalists of the CBC and was appointed co-director of The National in 2017. Jan Hanomansing has a degree in political science, sociology and even a law degree. He spent most of his childhood in New Brunswick, Canada, but was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. His journalistic career began in 1986 as a reporter for CBC-TV. Before that he was a radio presenter for CCHR Radio in Nova Scotia. He lives in Vancouver and is married to Nancy Hanomansing.

Biography of Jan Hanomansing, age, youth, education Details

Ian Hanomansing grew up in the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick. He was born in 1961 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He’s a Trinidadian and Canadian citizen. Ian Hanomansing studied at Mt. Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, where he grew up and received a B.A. in political science and sociology in 1983. Hanomonansin continued his education and career by graduating from the Dalhousie Law School in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1986. Hanumansing was appreciated at a young age for his photogenic appearance, but as an immigrant he was at the forefront of internationally renowned journalists. At a very young age he emigrated to Canada and has an Indian descent. There is little information about his exact date of birth because it has not been published.

Jan Hanomansing received an honorary doctorate from Mount Alison University in 2003.

Jan Hanomansing Groove Details

Ian Hanomansing started his radio career at local radio stations, including CCHR Radio in Nova Scotia. Then he changed his name on the show to Ian Harvey. He worked for CKCW in Moncton, CHNS in Halifax before joining the Canadian broadcaster in 1986. Ian Hanomansing worked for the CBC’s Maritimes and Toronto Bureau. This was before we moved to Vancouver. In 2008 he won the Gemini Award for Best News Anchor in Canada. He is very often called the face of Canada, even though he is an immigrant. He has reported on many important news items, on dangers, on drug crime investigations, and even on social and environmental problems. In 1998 Ian Hanomansing produced a live special on drugs in the city, one of the many specials he produced.

From 2000 to 2007 Hanumansing was the most important national news segment in Canada, until he became co-director of CBS News in Vancouver. He held this position from 2007 to 2010. The show was cancelled and Ian Hanomansing returned to his former job as a reporter for The National.

Since then, in 2012, Hanomansing has hosted CBS News Now, which is broadcast over the weekend. The situation changed in 2017, when he was announced as co-organizer of a four-man team to broadcast the national CBS news. The team consisted of Jan Hanomansing, Adrienne Arseno, Rosemary Burton and Andrew Chang.

Ian Hanomansing Net Assets

The details of the content of IanGanomansing will be kept secret from the public. Its net value is estimated at around USD 2 million.

Dating history of Jan Hanoman, marriage details

Ian Hanomansing started dating Nancy Hanomansing in college.

Ian Hanomansing is married to Nancy Hanomansing. She’s a lawyer, like Hanomansing, coordinating McCarthy Tetro’s professional resources. Nancy and Ian have two children, and they’re still happily married.

Jan Hanomansing Parents

Information about Jan Hanomansing’s parents is not known to the public. However, he was probably born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and emigrated to Canada, where he grew up in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Jan Hanomansing Children

Ian and his wife Nancy have two sons. His sons and adults, and information about them, are kept secret from the public.

Ian Khanomansing Body dimensions

The information about the measurements of Jan Hanomansing is currently unknown.

Ian Hanomansing Machines and Household

Ian Hanomansing lives in Vancouver, Canada, in the East Van region. The house was renovated by Hanomansing and his wife. House with four bedrooms, three floors and a veranda with round arch barriers. He lives there with his wife Nancy.

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