Celebrities have historically been well-known for their charitable work. Diana was no exception, and it is said that she helped Harry during his time at Hogwarts by writing him a letter to help with Potions lessons. The question of whether or not this happened has sparked debate among Harry Potter fans ever since her death in 1997.

Princess Diana was a British princess and the wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. She died in 1997 at the age of 36. Her death is widely considered to have triggered the royal family’s separation and divorce from Diana’s former brother-in-law, Prince Charles. Read more in detail here: princess diana facts.

Is Princess Diana Helping Harry?

DianaPrince Harry had another American tv tell-all today, according to British royal family reports, and the result was predictable sad, angry, and cringe in the manner that only royal runaways Harry and Meghan can provoke. He mentioned a lot of things, including a story about his late mother, Princess Diana.

Diana died in a vehicle accident in Paris in the late 1990s, leaving two young kids to be raised by their father, Prince Charles, and mother, Queen Elizabeth. He started separating himself from his family around two years ago and now frequently trashes them in interview after interview. What went wrong? His defection occurs at the same time as his encounter with Meghan Markle, his future wife.

Harry Is Amazing – Royal Family News

The Duke of Excess told NBC’s Today that when Diana died, he done his share to “get his brother William set up and is now ‘supporting my family,’” in an interview that drew as much, if not more, criticism than the tell all he gave to Oprah Winfrey while his grandpa was on his death bed.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry has felt his late mother’s presence “more than ever before in the past two years – almost the same amount of time since he and Meghan Markle stepped down from Royal responsibilities in January 2020.”

“She’s done her part with my brother,” Harry says, “and now she’s very much supporting me.” That’s how it seems like she’s got him set up and now she’s helping me set up. He has his children, and I have mine.”

Harry Has Been Away From His Family For Two Years

“The circumstances are certainly different,” he said, “but I sense her presence in practically everything I do today.” But without a doubt, more so in the past two years than at any other time in history. She’s keeping an eye on us.”

He also said that he and Meghan have a few images of Princess Diana in the home and that he is certain that she would be proud of him.

Ingrid Seward, a royal analyst, said Sky News after the interview aired that Harry talking about Princess Diana suggests he is “definitely still mourning over his mother.”

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“Because people do that – and I explored this a little bit when I wrote about William and Harry – to keep the presence of the person who has gone away alive by performing what they did and needing their approval. So Harry does sound like he’s in another dimension.”

Harry’s hatred towards the rest of his family was also evident. Harry declined to say if he missed his father, Prince Charles, or brother, Prince William, and instead stated that he speaks with the Queen about “things she can’t talk about with anybody else.”

“Home for me now is, you know, for the time being, it’s in the States,” he said, emphasizing his indifference. And it also feels like way.”

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