Jack Greene is an American singer, songwriter and music producer. He has worked with artists such as Bruno Mars, Adele, The Weeknd and John Legend to build a long-lasting career in the industry. Find out more about Jack’s life on Biography.com!

The “jack greene — there goes my everything” is a song by the American country singer Jack Greene. It was released in 1970 and reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. The song has been covered by many artists, including Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Willie Nelson and Keith Whitley.

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Texas Troubadours: The Rarities Collection Jack Henry Greene was born January 7, 1930, in Maryville, Tennessee. Greene took guitar lessons when he was eight years old, then added drumming to his abilities. Moving to Atlanta in the late 40s, he became part of the Cherokee Trio with Lem Bryant and Speedy Price. He then became a member of the Rhythm Ranch Boys and was a popular radio entertainer on Georgia Jublilee on WTJH. Greene’s career was interrupted for military service in Korea, but he returned to Atlanta and joined the Peachtree Cowboys, also working as a salesperson and construction worker. In 1962, he joined Ernest Tubb & the Texas Troubadours as a drummer and occasional vocalist. He was featured on Presents the Texas Troubadours, and his performance on “The Last Letter” led to solo recordings. Starting in 1965 with “Ever Since My Baby Went Away’” Greene had a succession of country hits, including number ones with “There Goes My Everything,” “All The Time,” “You Are My Treasure,” “Until My Dreams Come True,” and “Statue of a Fool.” He did not leave Tubb’s band until 1967, and only then because Tubb tired of hearing calls for the drummer to sing.

Greene teamed up with Hank Cochran’s wife, Jeannie Seely, on Hank Cochran’s song “I Wish I Didn’t Have to Miss You” in 1969, and scored another success. They continued to record together as she became a part of his traveling act. They changed their name from the Jolly Greene Giants to the Renegades to capitalize on the popularity of outlaw country, but they continued to play middle-of-the-road country songs. Greene, who joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1967 and had his final chart record with “If It’s Love (Then Bet It All)” in 1984, remained a frequent performer.

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How many wives did Jack Green have?

A: Jack Green had two wives.

Is Jack Greene dead?

A: Jack Greene is most likely alive.

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