The band was started by the two childhood friends, Jan and Arnie. They released their first album “Turn Around” in 1993. In 2005 they released a compilation of their songs called “Jan & Arnie’s Greatest Hits”.
In 2007 the duo also formed a production company which produced TV shows for MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon along with various commercials including some for PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).
As well as being an accomplished singer-songwriter team who has been performing since 1987 – Jan & Arnie have also performed together as The Rockers on Broadway show Hamilton in 2015!

Jan & Arnie Biography, Songs, & Albums. Jan is a singer-songwriter with a deep soulful voice and an even deeper sense of humor. She has been performing since the age of 4, when she sang on the streets of her native New York City. Her first album was released in 2000 at the age of 16., Read more in detail here: jan name.

Jan & Arnie Biography, Songs, & Albums |

Jan Berry (b. William Jan Berry, 3 April 1941, Los Angeles, California, USA, d. 26 March 2004, Los Angeles, California, USA) and Arnie Ginsburg. Berry later went on to great success with Jan And Dean, one of the most popular vocal duos in rock history. Before that pair’s success, however, Berry and Ginsburg had one US Top 10 single together. Berry, Ginsburg and Dean Torrence were members of a group called the Barons (which at one point included drummer Sandy Nelson and future Beach Boys member Bruce Johnston). When that group split, the three friends recorded, in Berry’s garage, ‘Jennie Lee’, a tribute to a stripper in a local club. While Torrence served briefly in the US Army Reserves, the tape of that song was brought to the attention of Arwin Records, (owned by Marty Melcher, the husband of actress Doris Day) by then-unknowns Herb Alpert and Lou Adler. Credited to Jan And Arnie, the record rose to number 8 nationally in May 1958. Two more Jan And Arnie singles were released, one of which (‘Gas Money’) charted. By that time Torrence had returned and Ginsburg dropped out of the group, paving the way for Jan & Dean’s quick rise to stardom.

Jan & Arnie Biography, Songs, and Albums. Jan is a singer-songwriter that has been active since the early 2000’s. In her career, she has released 5 albums and 2 EP’s. She also has collaborated with other artists such as Miley Cyrus in 2009 on “Party in the U.S.A.” Reference: jan grease.

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