How much is Jeffrey Star worth?


Net equity $200 million
Name Jeffrey Star
Date of birth 15. November 1985.
Profession Makeup artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, Youtuber.
Height 1.85m
Country United States

Jeffrey Star is an American entrepreneur, internet personality, make-up artist, former singer and songwriter. He was born on the 15th. November 1985 in Los Angeles County, California.

In this article, we discuss the net worth of Jeffrey Star. How he made all that income. Talk about his lifestyle, career struggles and other accomplishments.

J Stars is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He started working in 2006 and is still working in his department.

On his YouTube channel he works as a vlogger, make-up artist and beautician. The name of the station is Jeffrey Star. Reached 16.6 million subscribers with 2.46 billion views.

Collaboration with several related personalities such as Shane Dawson, James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

In other areas he works as a musician. The main music types are electro-pop, synth-pop, electronic rock and crunk.

The star began his music career between 2007 and 2013. His music is known as Popsicle and Convict. You can also visit the official website

Previous life and biography

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, Jr. was born on November 15, 1985 in Los Angeles County, California and grew up in Orange County, California.

He stated that as a child he kept getting different makeup instructions from his mother and convinced her to let him wear that makeup in class when he was in college.

After high school, he moved to Los Angeles where he pursued various careers in cosmetology, demonstration and music.

Later in the week, he invested his energy by using fake IDs to go to Hollywood clubs where big names hired him to work in cosmetics at home.

How did Jeffrey become so famous and how does someone become fortunate?

He has earned a total of $200 million. Working hard in the makeup department, the best YouTuber in the whole world.

Much of his net worth has been earned on YouTube. Estimated monthly earnings range from $2,300 to $36,400.

How does he earn his net worth during his lifetime?

In addition, his annual revenues range from approximately $27.3K to $437.3K. The channel is ranked 1424th in terms of number of videos viewed. The country is ranked 128th in the United States.

As mentioned above, Star makes a lot of money with its eponymous paint line. Reportedly, the amount is up to $7.2 million per show. In 2017, YouTubers David Dobrik went big and explicitly asked the presenter how much he was acquiring. His answer? $150 million. This figure is expressed in US dollars, equivalent to approximately A$215 million.

So did other YouTubers like Jake Paul and James Charles: J Star is one of the best Youtubers in the world.

What makes them so successful? and career struggles

The star used the informal mainstream communications site MySpace to add flair to two of his music tracks, simply as a professional setting.

He also used MySpace to blog about his life while doing social critiques on mindfulness and self-confidence, fame, excellence and life.

Star built an audience on several sites, but convinced many people to join him on MySpace, so his profile had countless fans from the start.

His MySpace photo shoots usually get over 50,000 comments when posted.

What’s more, the star has established himself as perhaps the most popular free agent, with daily ratings placing him at the top of MySpace.

Star’s musical calling as an electronic and pop musician began when he met Samantha Maloney, the drummer for Peaches, who encouraged him to pursue music.

In mid-2007, Star was part of the True Colors Tour 2007, which toured 15 urban communities in the United States and Canada.

The visit, supported by LGBT broadcaster Logo, began on the 8th. June 2007, to coincide with Pride month.

In 2014, Star founded her web-based cosmetics brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In Shane Dawson’s five-part documentary series.

Star explained that the end of his musical vocation left him virtually bankrupt and that he used his excess investments to launch his cosmetics brand.

Star began promoting the brand through recordings he shared on YouTube, which led to his YouTube channel having 17.4 million followers and over 2.4 billion likes by October 2020.

In Clamor Magazine, Star was described as an artist and former MySpace celebrity who has reinvented himself in the YouTube cosmetic learning space.

Her first beauty launch was a range of velvet liquid lipsticks, along with highlighters, lip cleansers, eye shadows, clothing and trinkets such as mirrors and makeup kits.

The main space on the East Coast where the makeup line could be found was the Morphe Cosmetics store in the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey at 11. August 2018.

Since then, Star has released several new lines, including the Man of Noble Birth eyeshadow line.

Jeffrey Starr Quotes

  • Stop trying to be someone else. Be someone acceptable to you, be yourself.
  • Remember that true perfection comes from within – from inside bottles, jars, powder puffs and lipstick tubes.
  • The haters only confuse the fans because they don’t understand why everyone loves you.
  • Soft as sugar, hard as ice. You hurt me once, I hurt you twice.
  • Green is worried about those who want to destroy you.
  • Thank God for Redbull and false eyelashes.
  • Want to know who your real companions are? Drop everything and see who else is there.
  • From time to time, you don’t have to make excuses. Forgive them for hurting you and don’t think they exist!
  • I’ve been working as a beautician since I was 12 and I’ve always felt like I had my own line.
  • I spent hours practicing the looks I found in my mother’s Cosmo magazines, and that was my escape.
  • Coming from a powerless base and a family of heavy drinkers, one does not fully understand what it means to be a young child.
  • I discovered crafts and cosmetics, it changed me.
  • In case I can’t be great, I’d rather
  • I guess one day it won’t matter who you’re attracted to. Sex is just a word. Love is beautiful. A lead for the donkey’s head. Never stop your natural behavior.
  • Sorry if we can’t all be unimaginative, but I have to break a mold.
  • I’m not alone, and I wasn’t kidnapped. I have indeed reserved for someone worthy of me.
  • Behave naturally and you will have much more fun.
  • True liars will never have any value. True lovers never lie.
  • If everyone had put as much energy into the bliss as they did into the staging and outrage, they would have shone much brighter!
  • Sometimes the most ideal approach to stand out enough to be noticed is to stop giving them yours.
  • I’m a living Barbie doll, how are you?
  • Consistency is another matter. It’s a bit like Hurricane Katrina. From time to time I check in or go to town to shop or hang out.
  • I could go to Louis Vuitton today and have sex with a heterosexual man. I have to adjust my time.
  • Try not to look at the person you can live with, have passionate feelings for someone without whom you cannot survive.

Actor in a film

  • In 2007 and 2007, he played himself in Los Angeles, directed by Aaron Krummel and Fred Villari.
  • Plays the role of Victoria in 2015, directed by Ash Avildesen.
  • In 2017, as Shane and Friends, directed by Shane Dawson.
  • The Secret World plays Jeffrey in 2018, directed by Shane Dawson.
  • In the 2019 film Beautiful World, directed by Shane Dawson, Jeffrey himself plays the role of…
  • He will reprise his role in the Trisha Paytas-directed Dish with Trish in 2020.

Music albums

  • The 22nd. In September 2009, the album Beauty Killer was released on the Popsicle label. Available on CD, digital download


  • He was named 2020 YouTuber of the Year at the 12th annual Shorty Awards.

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Jeffrey’s Celebrity Makeup

It’s likely that her paint line has racked up the cost of one of the largest Hermes Birkin lines in the world (far more than Kim Kardashian West or Kylie Jenner did in Birkin’s sprawling pantries).

I own speculative real estate all over the planet, I put resources into a cannabis business, the Youtuber revealed to Shane Dawson in 2018.

He has his own stock management, everything he needs for the business. He can take care of himself.

So I have a dozen or so organizations where I currently manage more than my image.

Star is also excited to put resources into the ground.

In December 2019, the cosmetics mogul spent $14.6 million on a home in Hidden Hills, Calif.

The property, which occupies just three lots, has eight bedrooms and 13 toilets.

Jeffree Star is the most perceived and hated authority on the internet, according to an internal poll.

Jeffrey may have gone from MySpace celebrity to YouTube celebrity to become the biggest name in online entertainment, but his reputation comes at a high price.

As noted in another insider’s report, the Star is the most prominent authority, with the highest profile and most aversion to similar relationships in the larger local area.

A survey of 1,040 people about their emotions and level of knowledge of over 60 of the biggest stars via web media.

Respondents indicated whether they perceived the name of each influencer and VIP and whether their assessment was positive or ominous.

We remember a short list of the names of the main moguls – star, as well as his related YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

The star was the most talked about of the three, with 22.5 percent of respondents knowing what it was.

However, it is also the most disliked, with 55.7% of respondents rating the star negatively and only 19.6% positively.

frequently asked questions

J Star is an American internet star, YouTuber, makeup artist, model, entrepreneur and singer-songwriter. He is also the founder of Jeffrey Star Costmetix. Star was born a natural man. So we can say he’s a boy.

He is known as a successful internet star, YouTuber, make-up artist, model, entrepreneur and singer-songwriter.

He’s 35 years old now. He was born on the 15th. Born November 1985.

Jeffrey’s recruit, Andre, is 30 years old.

Jay Sar is one of the richest YouTubers in the world, as he earns almost $200 million a year from his YouTube channel, cosmetics line and other things.

frequently asked questions

Jeffrey Star is a billionaire?

Given his seemingly sudden rise to fame and success, many will wonder if Jeffrey Star is a billionaire. … Jeffrey Star is not a billionaire, although he does appear to be. But his Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand is valued at $1.5 billion.

Does Jeffrey Star make $150 million a year?

Jeffrey’s makeup business brings in big bucks. … And how much does Jeffrey make each year from his cosmetics empire? YouTuber David Dobrik asked him directly in August, and the answer was a shocking $150 million.

How much is Nathan Schwandt worth?

Internet personality and entrepreneur, Nathan Schwandt has an estimated net worth of $500,000 in 2019.

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