Jem Wolfie a singer, actress and model. Born in Ohio, Jem’s net worth is estimated at $1 million dollars. She started her career as a singing back up for the group 3LW before going solo with her first album called “Wolfie” which was released on October 6th of 2012.

Jem Wolfie - Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki, Fact, Nationality

Jem Wolfie is a well-known fitness fanatic, social media personality, and model from Australia. Her secret site, which can only be seen by her paying followers, has put her in the limelight. “Jem Wolfie’s Onlyfans” is the name of the group.

In addition, she has amassed a tremendous following on Instagram, with over 2.6 million followers.

What is the origin of Jem Wolfie?

Jem Wolfie was born in Perth, Australia, on August 7, 1991. She is 29 years old and is of Australian nationality. Her ethnicity is unclear. Her parents’ identities remain unknown. Jem has two brothers and sisters. Both of their names are unknown at this time.

Jem-Wolfie-Net-Worth-Age-Height-Bio-Wiki-FactInfluencer-disc is a source of information.

She, too, is an animal lover who had a dog named Mac as a pet. In the same way, her dog Turner will be 6 years old in 2020. Exercise and vlogging are two of her favorite pastimes. Jem attended Perth High School and Helena College for her education. She has been a basketball player since high school.

How did Jem Wolfie get famous?

Wolfie began her career as a basketball player, but she was unable to continue due to a serious injury. Her passion for fitness grew when she began exercising in the gym for a serious injury. Her mother, on the other hand, is a fitness fanatic who motivated Jem to get into shape. Her passion for the game, though, remains, as seen by her post.

After that, Jem began her career on Instagram by offering fitness tips to her followers and quickly gained worldwide fame. Jem writes about her workout and beauty tips, which her fans and following like. She is a beautiful model who aspires to have a natural curve. is the source for this information.

In June 2015, Jem became well-known after founding The Great Eats food company, which provides fresh and healthy meal prep. For eight years in her hometown, she worked as both a cook and the owner of a restaurant.

She is also a writer, and the skilled actress has a library of books that she purchased online. Meal prep like a boss, Guide to an hourglass body, Wolfie’s kitchen, Grow your gram, and Workouts by Wolfie weight training guide are among of her best-known works.

Jem Wolfie’s net worth is unknown.

Jem’s net worth is believed to be about $2 million. As a fitness model and personal trainer, she makes a sizable sum of money. Her average hourly wage, according to social media sources, is $36.71. She also owns the company “Good Eats.” As a result, she also makes a lot of money from her company. For her Instagram post, the hot model charges roughly $3000. She also owns OnlyFans, which pays her $100,000 every month.

Jem eventually lives a posh life in Australia and owns an exquisite home. Wolfie was a sponsored athlete by Bang Energy and Happy Way while playing basketball in Western Australia, and she had her first endorsement agreement with ‘Fat Burner Only.’

Jem Wolfie’s height is unknown.

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 61 kg. 36-25-38 inches is her physical measurement. Her hair is light brown, and her eyes are brown.

Is Jem Wolfie in a relationship?

Jem Wolfie is presently without a partner. Her personal life has yet to be revealed. She has also kept her personal life out of the limelight. Similarly, she may be waiting for her ideal partner to appear.

Profile on social media

She has 2.7 million Twitter followers and 2.6 million Instagram followers with 1K posts. However, she is not a Facebook user. Jem started her YouTube account, which now has over 14k subscribers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jem Wolfie real?

A: Jem Wolfie is a real person, however he has not been caught since the events of 2016.

What is Jen Wolfie salary?

A: Jen Wolfie is a singer who was signed to Warner Music Group. Her salary can be found on the official site for her music career.

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