Jennifer Aniston is finally living a healthy lifestyle, according to her brother. The actress has been open about her diet and exercise routine after struggling with an eating disorder while filming Friends in the early 2000s. She kicked out unhealthy habits by taking up yoga, meditation and finding joy from new hobbies like painting and even writing poetry!

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood. Recently, she has been confessing about her health problem and kicking unhealthy habit! Read more in detail here: jennifer aniston news.

Jennifer Aniston Confesses Health Problem, Kicks Unhealthy Habit!

Jennifer Aniston Confesses Health Problem, Kicks Unhealthy Habit!

Jennifer Aniston is known for being a bubbly, upbeat “Friends” alum. However, the actress has now opted to reveal a significant health issue. Jennifer even stated that she had been dealing with her worry for years! However, the actress who portrayed Rachel Green on everyone’s favorite comedy said that she had given up one bad habit. 

Find out what Aniston has to say about her health. And find out what bad habit the actress was able to break. Check out the most recent Jennifer Aniston news below. 

Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Her Health Concerns

Maybe I’ll dream as I sleep! Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green on “Friends,” admits that sleeping may be a nightmare at times. And, according to People, the actress’s sleeplessness has become a chronic issue. 

Jennifer, on the other hand, feels ready to speak out after decades of concealing her sleep issues. Going to bed, according to the actress, is “almost like walking the plank.” As a consequence, Aniston suffers from both sleeplessness and sleep anxiety.

Jennifer believes that her health concerns started around the age of 30. The actress stated that she now dreads another night of “counting cracks in the walls.” Aniston did admit, though, that her sleep problems may have begun much earlier.

“However, since we’re so indestructible while we’re younger, we don’t realize the repercussions of a lack of sleep,” the actress pointed out. “It started off as something I could simply accept. Then you discover the consequences of your lack of sleep, how it impacts your day, your job, your cognitive function, and your physical appearance.”  

Jennifer Aniston – She Quits Her Addiction!

However, the “Friends” alum did have one triumph. Jennifer Aniston also quit smoking, according to OK magazine. The actress was able to put a stop to her sleepwalking after years of struggle.  

#JenniferAniston opens out about a hidden battle she’s been fighting – find out which habit the #Friends actress gave up to improve her health!

— April 16, 2022, OK! Magazine USA (@OKMagazine)

Jennifer also expressed her joy at having overcome her sleepwalking habit. But she also admitted how horrible things had become. Aniston, for example, remembers being “awakened by home alarms that I’d set off.” However, she has now resolved the issue. “And I don’t believe I do it anymore – that was when I was very tired,” the actress said.

Jennifer’s health benefits, however, do not stop with her sleepwalking habit. Aniston found the benefits of a midnight practice after seeking guidance from a doctor. For example, the actress places her phone in a different room. She also does yoga to unwind.

Jennifer did concede, though, that one ambition is difficult for her because of her acting job. Trying to “keep bedtime the same every night” is difficult for performers, according to the celebrity. “Because while we’re working on a film, our timetable goes all over the place.” Aniston, meanwhile, refuses to give up another another vice. She enjoys sleeping on the same bed as the three dogs!

“When they snuggle, it’s simply too comfortable!” said the actress. “It’s well worth the effort.” Especially now that Chesterfield [her 112-year-old dog] is no longer a puppy. He’s simply a nice, sound sleeper now. On sometimes, I find myself envious of his slumber.” 

Please let us know what you think. Do you respect Jennifer Aniston’s candor regarding her insomnia? After you’ve expressed your thoughts, come back to our site for more celebrity news. Photo Agency/ Photo Agency/


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