Who is Jeter Jones? The 2018 American League Rookie of the Year, and former World Series MVP, is one of baseball’s most successful players. In this article we examine his life story, music career and much more!

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Jeter Jones is an American blues, soul, and R&B singer and songwriter from Louisiana who is known as “King of the Trailride Blues.” Since his 2013 debut long-player R.E.A.L. (Raw Encouraging, Amazing Love) showcased his sweet yet gritty baritone voice to regional acclaim, Jones has been singular in his pursuit of Southern soul. Music, while his first love, was not his first career choice. For 20 years, he was first a soldier with the Army, and later a combat medic in the U.S. Marines. He saw duty in the Afghanistan invasion after 9/11, and in the liberation of Iraq in 2003. He retired as Sergeant First Class. Though Jones sang throughout his youth, it wasn’t until 2012, while still in the service, that he began to pursue it. After retiring in 2013, he released his sophomore studio outing, Da GQ Country Boy, in 2015; it showcased his stylistic evolution into a soul-blues singer with a stylistic debt to Bobby “Blue” Bland, Don Covay, and Johnny Taylor. 2016’s Trailride Certified signaled a move toward slick funk, while 2018’s Dhis Him showcased his return to rootsy Southern soul and featured a slew of guest spots.

Jones was born Gary Charles Jones in Mansfield, Louisiana. He grew up with a love for all types of music due to the gospel quartet background also pursued by generations of his family patriarchs, including his father, uncles, and grandfather. He is the first in his family to sing professionally in the R&B field. Jones was an active reserve when called into action during the Afghanistan invasion as a combat medic and later volunteered for the invasion of Iraq. He sang, wrote, and played guitar throughout his armed forces tenure. During his final year in the military, he secured studio time and released his debut long-player R.E.A.L. (Raw Encouraging, Amazing Love). The following year, he released the live offering Sweet Jones Live @ LeRoy’s Chicken Shack. Celebrated by local DJs and promoters, Jones proved a crowd-pleaser in concert, his alternately clean and gritty soul-drenched vocals drew crowds virtually everywhere he played. The live outing got four stars in a range of regional publications. In 2015, Jones issued the funky Da GQ Country Boy. Its singles, including “Da Boot Scoot,” “Cold Pepsi,” “Zydeco with Me,” and “Cowboy Up,” all entered the blues charts. 2016’s Trailride Certified provided his breakthrough. Its acceptance by roots music DJs and critics netted him festival appearances and expanded his fan base while touring regional venues. Jones’ most popular songs among listeners were personal and often confessional; his voice acted as a direct communicator of raw emotion.

Jones never gave up Christian music entirely. As Youth Director at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Naborton, Louisiana, he continues to sing and arrange it. Jones gained notoriety for his dancing as well as his abilities, with his YouTube videos receiving millions of views. This year’s Dhis P2k Dadiddy, Ron Johnson, Big Ro Williams, Deacon Dukes, and Miss Portia were among the contributors on Him’s refined Southern soul. The album’s chart success was aided by the video singles for “Black Horse” and “Dance with You,” which created chances for longer-distance touring. Jones’ musical versatility was further shown in 2020. Mufasa, a gritty Southern soul-blues and funk album, was released, and the song “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” was a hit (dedicated to the memory of Bushwick Bill). A few months later, he released 2 Kings, which contained the hit song and video “Zydeco with Me” and the Rick James-esque dancefloor groover “Like Voodoo” starring rapper King South, while heading the funk band the Jones Boyz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Jeter Jones?

Who is Jeter Jones brother?

A: Jeter is the brother of Derek Jones.

Where is Jeter Jones originally from?

A: Jeter Jones is from the United States of America.

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