Vegetarianism is the modern fragrance of the month, so Celebrity Secrets has combined the perfect brands to make you beautiful, and your choice is ruthless.

Take a look at our fantastic range of beauty products, from make-up to nutritional supplements and skin care, to make sure you look beautiful inside and out.

Olive oil

Auburn’s bath oil is an ancestral formulation that has remained virtually unchanged for 83 years and was previously known only to the sect that followed it in Britain. Today, Olverum has been beautifully overhauled, but retains the same formula that passionate Olverum fans have loved for eight decades and that has recently come into the possession of the British. This is the best cosmetic seasonal pleasure – ideal for the coming bathing season.

The size 125 ml corresponds to 35 lbs and 250 ml corresponds to 62 lbs.

Wicked Gummy Co.

Wicked Gummy Co, a registered company of the Vegan Society, started the London Underground campaign in July and has already won an award for best health. Their probiotic The Happy Tummy Gummy took first place in the category vegetarian food supplements. Their range also includes brands for hair, skin and nails, vitamin D, multivitamins and sleeping pills.

OSMO® Berber Oil® Argan Oil Recovery Mask

This plant-friendly formula, enriched with argan extract, olive oil and avocado oil, hydrates, regenerates and rejuvenates. Its intensely moisturizing formula instantly leaves hair smooth, supple and controllable. Rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, dry and damaged threads benefit from an intensive diet.

10.45 pounds, available from Sally Beauty.

Light BE MONTH BALANCED™ humidifier

A light moisturising cream that is easily absorbed by moisturising the deeper layers with hyaluronic acid and REJUVENIQE S™. Peptides attract and swell, while plant stem cells strengthen and protect the complexion. The support of the leather barrier is provided in the form of ceramides.

£64, available at

MONTH Leather Conditioning Essence

The miraculously light water, clarified by natural fruit acids, provides rapid hydration and nourishment in the form of invigorating columbine and beetroot extracts. Chamomile has a calming and regenerating effect. The skin is smoother, brighter and more radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

EIA: £42, available at


Try a 100% natural oil that is free from violent plant particles – with natural rejuvenating and protective ingredients. Still-London Rejuvenating Cuticle Oil is an ideal blend of oils that absorb and protect quickly and important rejuvenating agents that promote rapid cell growth of damaged cuticles.

Particle oil (18 pounds)

Hand Balm is a rich and effective formula that soothes, regenerates and protects hands. Contains algae extract, lupine peptides and squalane from olive oil to protect and firm the skin. Rough free squalane is rapidly absorbed by the skin and replenishes the sebum produced by the skin to maintain healthy cell renewal and protect the upper layers of the skin.

Hand Balm (23 pounds)

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