JP Saxe is known as the singer-songwriter who creates songs that simultaneously defy and embrace convention. His work has been described as “striking a balance between thoughtful introspection and honest pop” by The New York Times, while Pitchfork praised his writing style for being “so dense with poetic detail it’s easy to miss what makes JP so special in the first place: he sings like no one else.

JP Saxe is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has released four studio albums and one EP. His songs have been featured in various television shows and movies.

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Hold It Together Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter JP Saxe is a soulful performer who makes yearning, R&B-influenced pop. He gained wider acclaim with his Grammy-nominated 2019 song “If the World Was Ending” off his Hold It Together EP. Building upon his acclaim, Saxe delivered his 2021 full-length debut, Dangerous Levels of Introspection.

A native of Toronto, Canada, Saxe grew up in a creative family as the grandson of award-winning Hungarian-born cellist Janos Starker. Inspired by his grandfather, Saxe initially studied the cello as a teenager. Later, after discovering jazz and R&B, he switched to the piano and guitar, and began writing his own songs. By the time he was in his twenties, he was performing weekly in Toronto and posting his songs online. He caught the attention of producers in California, who invited him to record some of his material, an invitation that resulted in Saxe relocating to Los Angeles.

“Changed,” his first song, was released in 2017, followed by “Anybody Else.” Both the song “The Few Things” and the EP Both Can Be True: Part 1 were released in 2018. More songs followed, including Finneas’ “If the World Was Ending,” which featured Julia Michaels and was produced by him. The tune, which included on Saxe’s second EP, 2020’s Hold It Together, hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Song of the Year. Dangerous Levels of Introspection, Saxe’s first full-length album, was released in 2021, and includes a guest appearance by Maren Morris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was JP Saxe first song?

A: JP Saxes first song was Lonely Road.

What is JP Saxe real name?

A: J.P Saxe is the real name of a well known pop singer who specializes in jazzy songs, such as Swingin Safari.

Are Julia and JP together?

A: Julia and JP have been dating for a few years. They are currently living together in Brooklyn as they both work on their respective art careers.

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