Net worth/salary/total assets of Judge Judy in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Here you can find the net value of Judge Judy, salary, source of income, etc.

Net capital in 2018: 350 million USD
Net equity in 2019: 400 million USD
Net capital in 2020 450 million US dollars
Net capital in 2021: ~ $500 million USD

Judge Judy is a well-known American personality who is a family judge, prosecutor and host of many television programs.

Judy is known for her intelligent attitude and sharp response to court cases, especially in cases of domestic violence.

Judy got her fame and popularity through the show Judge Judy in the prosecutor’s courtroom. This show was the main reason for his popularity.

After all, she was the founder of the Open Courts, to which she regularly invites and whose themes she follows. These open courtrooms help viewers understand the nature of common, social and domestic problems.

That’s what it looks like:

The ability for viewers to watch the indictment at home has made the Judge Judy show popular all over the world, especially with Americans.

Real name and status

Judge Judy, that’s not her real name, that’s just the name Judy gets from her show. Her real name and surname is Judith Scheindlin.

Date, place and age of birth

Judge Judy was killed on the 21st. Born October 1942 in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. She’ll be 79 years old in November 2021.

Value sources

Judge Judy is also the author of numerous books on parent-child relationships and moral values. His professions such as family judge, stalker, lawyer, television star and author are sources of his value.

Beginning of life

  • Judge Judy started her professional career as a lawyer in a cosmetics company, which she left after two years.
  • In 1972 she returned to her former position and a few years later she was appointed judge of the Family Court in the Bronx.

Parents and family

Judge Judy’s father was Ethel Silverman. Ever since then she’s been talking about her father as the biggest sliced bread.

Her mother’s name was Murray Bloom, and she called her mother a meat-and-potato girl.  She has three siblings.

Employment and career

  • Finally, as an influential judge, she was appointed overseer of the Manhattan Family Court.
  • Her serious and friendly attitude attracted the attention of ordinary journalists and the media. As in 1993, she wrote an article in the Los Angeles Times Magazine about legal superhero.
  • In 1996 she published her first book, Don’t Pee on My Feet and Tell Me It’s Raining.
  • Finally, in September 1996, she started organizing the reality show Judge Judy. This show played a big role in her popularity with the audience as Judge Judy.
  • Judge Judy has been invited to appear on numerous talk shows such as Saturday Night Live Nightline and Headliners & Legends, among others.


  • She graduated from James Madison High School in Brooklyn.
  • After graduating high school, she received a degree in public administration from the American University of Washington, D.C. in 1963.
  • She eventually earned her Juris Doctorate from Elizabethtown College, PA, at the University of Albany-Sanee, NY.

Personal life, marriage, children and hidden facts

  • Judge Judy married her first husband, Ronald Levy, in 1964 and had two children, Jamie and Adam.
  • She divorced her first husband in 1976.
  • Judy married former Justice Jerry Scheindlin for the second time in 1977 and ended the relationship in 1990.
  • In 1991 they remarried after realizing their misunderstanding.


Right now, Judge Judy lives in New York, USA.

Judge Judy’s net worth in 2021?

Judge Judy’s expected net worth is $500 million.




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