Throughout the development of the entertainment industry, music has been at the centre of many promising productions. From films to television programmes and video games, sound effects and musical themes have become an integral part of the essence of modern visual development. So how important is music to the modern gambling industry?

The basis of a wide range of different titles

With increasing digitization, more and more game developers are trying to improve their approach to the integration of music in their games. But while melodic sounds are generally used as a catalyst to manipulate emotions in the game, which we will talk about later, the musical genre itself has had undeniable success on various platforms in recent decades.

While the genre flourished thanks to the development of popular games for more modern consoles such as PlayStation 3, music-based video games appeared in the 1980s. Otocky was released for the Family Computer System in 1987, and Dance Aerobics was released the same year for Bandai and Nintendo. Despite the fact that names like Otocky have absorbed the delicate and playful mechanics of musical compositions, the genre has reached new heights since the release of the two names – Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

These two events essentially change the way the gaming industry has perceived the music genre so far. Before their release, the sector was dominated by names that focused either on dance or singing. The guitar hero and rock band, as revolutionary traditional game controllers, brought the much-needed variety and expansion of the genre, while providing a more realistic stage experience.

Thanks to its success, music remains a popular genre, even outside the large consoles. Mobile devices such as Groove Coaster 2, Lanota and Piano Tiles 2 have created rhythm-based games that appeal to a new audience with their affordability and convenience. The genre is also becoming increasingly popular in the video game industry. For example, you can check out the Jammin Jars in LeoVegas, an eight-drum slot machine mounted on a dance floor that also offers a multiplication factor and freewheeling bonuses.

Important for immersion in the game.

Although there are many different reasons why music is used in contemporary productions of the global gaming industry, it is generally used as a method to control emotions and set the desired tone. It is important to note that this is one of the main reasons why sound has become an integral part of many genres.

Regardless of the genre, be it a musical game or a horror title, sound is regularly used, albeit in a subtle way, to influence the player’s subconscious. Decisive is that music today is a very attractive instrument in the development of modern games. This is due to the fact that it has moved to the center of attention for the corresponding game aesthetics by helping to tell stories, especially in games where very little is said.

A picture: Exhibit.

However, a tool that improves immersion can also influence emotions when developers decide not to integrate it. This is especially visible in the Red Barrels 2013, Outlast versions. During the usual course of the game, the first-person horror game is usually not dominated by sound effects, making it one of the most gruesome games in the game industry in its history.

After all, there is no doubt that music is at the heart of a thriving gambling industry.

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