K. L. Rahul Vicki

C.L. Rahul – Indian international cricketer with a major role as a batter and wicketkeeper. He plays at home for Karnataka and is captain of Punjab Kings XI in the Indian Premier League. She is in the spotlight for her excellent work and outstanding performance in IPL 2020.

Biography of KL Rahool

  • Full name : Kannur Lokesh Rahul
  • Born: 18. April 1992.
  • The parents: KN Lokesh and Rajeshwari
  •  Birthplace : Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
  • Dude: 28
  • Nationality: Indian
  • But, uh..: Right hand
  • Bowling: right hand
  •  The part: Batsman, the explorer, the door.

Childhood, parents, siblings

KL Rahool was founded on the 18th. April 1992, born in Mangalore. He was the son of RN Lokesh and Rajeshwari. His father was a professor by profession and former director of the Karnataka National Institute of Technology, and his mother was a professor at the University of Mangalore. He was the son of two teachers. The father wanted to keep his name after Hawascar’s son but accidentally left Rahul instead of Rohan.


Rahul graduated from NITK with a degree in Intermediate English during his studies at St Aloysius College before starting university. At the age of 18, he went to Bangalore to graduate from Jane University and eventually continued his career in cricket.

Domestic career

Rahul started training in cricket at the age of 10 and at the age of 12 he started playing for the Bangalore United Cricket Club and his club in Mangalore.

Rahul started his career in first-class cricket in Karnataka during the 2010/11 season. In that same year he represented his country at the ICC as a player under the age of 19 at the Cricket World Cup.

He finished his Rankie trophy 2014-2015, averaging 93.11 points in nine games this season.

International debut

Rahul made his international debut on Christmas Day 2014 in Melbourne. In two sets he didn’t perform very well, but he managed to maintain his position and in the next test match in Sydney he was able to bring his first international match to 100 points.


In the international debut of CL Rahool he achieved the following successes and records as an individual:

-He was the first Indian to win a hundred years in one day in his international career. -Hey.

He is the third Indian to win a hundred years in all three international cricket formats.

-He’s the only player who scored 100 runs in the first few innings, both in the tests and in the ODI. -He’s the only player who scored 100 runs in the first few innings.

IPL result

Rahl made his IPL debut with the Royal Challenger Bangalore and also played for the Hyderabad Sunrisers. At the IPL 2020 auction it was bought by Punjab at the third highest common price INR11 Crore.

In the game against RZB, he scored 132 unbeaten goals out of a total of 69, the most points of each run of an Indian batter in the IPL. He was also the only captain to reach most IPL races.

in controls

The 11th. In January 2019 he was suspended by the BCCI with Hardick Pandya for their controversial commentary on an Indian talk show.

The suspension was announced by the BCCI on the 24th. They were suspended from the team on 1 January 2019, after which they were allowed to return to the team for the A games in India.

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