Cullen Cullen is an American vlogger, YouTuber and animal rights activist, best known for her eponymous YouTube channel. With over 2 million subscribers, Kalen is one of the highest paid YouTubers.

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What is Cullen Cullen known for?

  • is an American blogger, Youtuber and animal rights activist.
  • For their YouTube channel.

Cullen Cullen: Age, biology, parents, relatives, siblings, ethnicity

Calel Cullen was born on the 30th. March 1989 born in Missouri, USA. Her real name is Kristen Smith, but she has legally changed it to Kaleel, inspired by the fictional character Superhero, since that is her real name. There is no information about Kalel’s parents, siblings or school records.

But Kalen was apparently good at math and did well on the qualifying exam. Then she moved from Missouri to California.

Cullen Cullen: Professional career as director, direction

She has two YouTube channels: KaleCullenTV, with blogs, tips and opinions, and QueenBeeuty, with beauty videos. In 2010, after her relationship with another YouTuber, Anthony Padilla, her channels saw a surge in subscriptions and views.

She also appeared on her boyfriend’s popular channel, where the couple often talk about their relationship.

Signature: Callen Cullen (Source: Instagram)

Her YouTube channel is called Cozplai, which she left to launch WonderlandWardrobe. On both channels, Cullen tried different styles and costumes.

Cosplay and Wardrobe Wonderland have been closed due to insufficient registrations. Their other YouTube channel WatchUsLiveAndStuff, has been renamed Kalel, while the URL remains the same.

Cullen Cullen: Equity and wages

Kalele Cullen has an estimated net worth of $0.9 million and a salary of around $124,000 to $2,000 per year for her YouTube career. According to reports, her ex-boyfriend Anthony has a net worth of $3 million.

Is Callen Cullen married? Spouse, children, marriage

Calele Cullen started going out with Anthony Padilla. He is one of the creators of the YouTube phenomenon Smosh, whom he met at a party in 2010. The couple soon moved in together and lived with their cats Kabuki, Pip and Mogwai. Anthony asked Kaleel to marry him during a trip to Japan, which was filmed as part of their blog Romantic Day in Japan. Kalel accepted the offer and took it in 2014, but later their paths parted.

She then began dating Alec Rosa, who made their relationship official after three months, but broke up after a year. Since then, she has been in a relationship with Cyrus Jannat. The couple is known to have broken up several times, but they reportedly got engaged in March 2018. The couple lives with their cats in Los Angeles, California.

Signature: Kaleel Debets and Alec Rosa (Source: Super Glory)

Kalele Cullen was known for her friendship with Marcia Bisognin, a YouTuber known for her romantic relationship with YouTube sensation PewDiePie.

Cullen Cullen: Length, weight, colour of eyes

Kalele Cullen is six feet tall, has blue eyes and blond hair. No further information is available on his weight and height.

Signature: Kalen Cullen (Source: Instagram)

Is Kalen Cullen active on the social media?

She has over 737,000 followers on Instagram, over 450,000 followers and her YouTube channel has already registered 10,054,343 views on her videos.

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