Kerry Brovitt Caviezel

Kerry Browitt Caviezel is favorite because she is the wife of the famous actor Jim Caviezel. Besides being the wife of a celebrity, she works as a teacher.

What is the reputation of Kerry Browitt Caviezel?

  • is a British teacher
  • Wife of the actor, Jim Caviezel.

Kerry Brovitt Caviezel: Age, Biology, Family, Siblings, Ethnicity

Kerry Brovitt Caviezel was born in the UK, but her date of birth has not been made public and her exact place of birth is still unknown.

Although we want to know everything about her early childhood and her family background, Mrs. Jim Caviezel doesn’t give us any biographical information. The only member of his family known to the media is his sister Kristen, the wife of the former head coach of the St. Louis Rams, Scott Linehan.


Kerry Browitt Caviezel attended Cle Elum High School in Cle Elum, Washington, where she was a member of the first American basketball team. While Jim graduated from the University of Washington, Kerry Browitt Caviezel went to Western Washington University (WWU).

Did you know that?

  • How old is Kerry Browitt Caviezel? His date of birth is unknown.
  • Who’s Kerry Browitt Caviezel’s husband? She’s married to Jim Caviezel.
  • How long has Kerry Browitt been Caviezel? She’s 5’10”.

All about his career

She began her own career as an English teacher and worked not only at a high school in Seattle, Washington, but also at Western Washington University.

Her husband made his film debut in 1991 in My Own Private Idaho, followed by his portrait of Billy Hargrove in the 1992 film Diggstown. His breakthrough came two years later when he was chosen to play Warren Earp in Wyatt Earp, starring Kevin Costner.

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In the late 1990s he also played the role of Private Witt in The Thin Red Line and John Sullivan in Frequency in 2000, increasing his power considerably. He then played the role of Edmond Dantes in Kevin Reynolds’ The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), then the role of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ in 2004.

Two years later Jim Carroll Oerstadt plays in Déjà Vu, next to Denzel Washington, and Cainan in Bandit (2008).

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Shareholders’ equity and payroll

There is no specific information about her personal wealth, but it is very likely that she shares her husband’s net worth.

Her husband’s net worth is estimated at about $25 million.

Is Kerry Brovitt Caviezel married? Husband, married

Kerry met Jim Caviezel in 1993 on a date set by her own sister, Amy. Although they didn’t fall in love right away, they had other dates, and three years later, on the 20th. In July 1996 the duo exchanged vows in front of their family and friends. Their wedding took place at the Immaculate Conception Church in Roslyn, Washington. Kerry and Jim are devout Catholics.

Kerry Browitt and Jim Caviezel have three children: Bo (born 12 December 1999), Lyn Elizabeth Lele (born 25 September 2001) and David (born 2010). It is interesting to note that none of the children are their biological children, they were all adopted in China; all children had cancer, but that did not deter the couple.

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When they adopted their daughter Lyn, they were offered a healthy newborn, but they chose Lyn, who was five years old and had a brain tumor. Regarding their decision to adopt him, the couple said they were not looking for healthy children because they thought they would definitely find a good home, but that it was very unlikely that a sick child would find one.

Like Lin, Bo was born with a brain tumor, while David was diagnosed with a high degree of sarcoma on his leg. However, the tumours turned out to be benign and have since been successfully removed. In addition, after many hospitalizations, her son David was able to save his leg and now happily lives with his family. Jim describes his wife as beautiful and kind, and the family of five has a very special bond.

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Kerry Brovitt Caviezel: Height, weight, colour of eyes

She has a slender body that is 1.5 m high. His hair is black and his eyes are dark brown. His weight, clothing size, etc. are unknown.

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Is Kerry Browitt Caviezel active on social media?

Kerry is not active on social media. She doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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