Net value $18 million
place of birth Cuthbert, Georgia.
Born 3. November 1949.
Name and surname Larry Holmes.
Husband Diane Holmes.
Education Viewed on
Age 71
Citizenship American
Parents John Holmes and Flossie Holmes
Profession Boxer
Books Against all odds.
Brothers and Sisters Leander Holmes (brother)

Larry Holmes is an American boxer who became famous in the late seventies and early eighties.  Larry Holmes’ net worth is due to his brilliant skills and achievements. He earned the nickname Killer Easton because of his heavy blows and strong defense.

The best quality of his boxing is his left jab, which is still famous today. He has won numerous awards and successes, including the WBC Heavyweight Championship and the IBF Heavyweight Championship.

Childhood and biography

Larry Holmes was born on the 3rd. November 1949, born in Cuthbert, Georgia. He has eleven siblings, and he was born the fourth.  Larry Holmes’ family moved to Easton in 1954, and his father moved to Connecticut shortly after.

Due to the poor condition of his house, he started working at an early age to support his family. In addition, Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving work very hard in the beginning.

He was also expelled from school because of bad circumstances. He worked at a car wash and made a dollar an hour. He was also a quarry worker and drove a dump truck. He started his boxing career at the age of nineteen. In 1972 he competed and won the Olympic Championships. After all, his record was 19-3.

Prices and performance

Larry Holmes’ career began when he met Mohammed Ali. The match was on the 2nd. October 1980. It was a great game and it’s still being watched. At that time there were 2 billion viewers. He beat Ali thanks to a cornerback retreat and became the first man to beat an icon.

Larry Homes has won several other competitions, including the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championships, IBF, WBA and IBO. In the match of ’53, he beat Eric Ashe in the finals. He won 48 professional battles and retired early 2000 with 69 victories and 6 defeats.


Ali was a very disciplined man. If you stay close to him, you can get some of his discipline. And I learned from it. He was a good man.

There’s no way out for me.

It’s hard to be black. Have you ever been black? I was black once – when I was poor.

How much is Larry Holmes worth online?

After the start of his career in 1973 he didn’t make a name for himself anymore. In 1970 he worked as a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali, Ernie Shavers and Jimmy Young. At the time, he made over $110,000 in just a few months. Larry Holmes’ net worth is about $18 million.

In March 1978 he won a fight with his training partner Ernie Shavers. He had a chance to win the WBC heavyweight championship against Ken Norton. He was able to defend himself against Ossie Ocasio, Mike Weaver, Scott Ledoux and many others. In October 1980, during the fight against Mohammed Ali, he won a total of almost 10 million dollars.

Larry Holmes Net worth: $18 million.

Larry Holmes is one of the most famous boxers in America. Due to the bad circumstances he dropped out of school and started working at a very young age. Larry Holmes has a net value of $18 million (in 2021). He beat Muhammad Ali and made $10 million in that fight. He resigned from his profession when he defeated Eric Butterbean Esch unanimously in 10 rounds.

How much has Larry Holmes earned in the course of his career?

Larry Holmes has won several titles, including the WBC Heavyweight Championship and the IBF Heavyweight Championship.

In the mid-1970s, he was able to make over $10,000 in just a few months. In October 1980, during the fight against Mohammed Ali, he won a total of almost 10 million dollars.

Simon Biles and Cam Newton are also making great strides in their careers and making a lot of money out of their sports careers.

Larry Holmes is one of the most famous boxers who defeated the emblematic Mohammed Ali. He worked as a car washer, making $1 an hour. He also spent some time working in a quarry and driving a dump truck, which enabled him to earn money.

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